Polyurethane thermal insulation pipe has very prominent advantages:

1. Polyurethane burial pipe insulation has good insulation performance, heat loss is only 25% of traditional pipe, long-term operation can save a lot of energy, significantly reduce energy costs.

2, has a strong waterproof and corrosion resistance, no need to attach a trench, can be buried directly in the ground or water, the construction is simple and rapid, low overall cost.

3, also has good corrosion resistance and impact resistance under low temperature conditions, can be directly buried in the underground frozen soil.

4, the service life of up to 30-50 years, the correct installation and use can make the pipe network maintenance costs are extremely low.

5. The alarm system can be set to automatically detect leaks in the pipe network, accurately indicate the fault location and automatically alarm. 6, the service life of up to 30-50 years. Diameter: DN15--DN600, use: central heating pipes, refrigeration pipes, industrial pipes, etc.

7. Oxygen index: ≥27 Density: 40--70kg/cubic meter Water-repellent rate: 0.03kg/cubic cm Thermal conductivity: 0.022kcal/mh°C

Buried insulation pipe in some developed countries abroad has become a relatively mature advanced technology. In the past decade or so, China's heating engineering and technical personnel have promoted the development of domestic pipe network laying technology to a higher level by digesting and absorbing this advanced technology. The results of more than ten years have fully proved that compared with the traditional trenches and overhead laying, the company's main production: Polyurethane insulation pipe, corrosion insulation pipe, prefabricated direct buried insulation pipe, pipe insulation pipe , high-density polyethylene black, yellow jacket tube, polyurethane thermal insulation pipe, glass fiber reinforced polyurethane foam insulation pipe, buried insulation pipe. The company regards customers as the center, high-tech as the guide, keeps pace with the development of international advanced technology, and strictly controls the quality of products, making our products sell well in 29 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, and are widely used in heating, construction, petroleum, Power, chemical, refrigeration, shipbuilding, smelting, and other industries. Willing to cooperate with new and old customers from all walks of life to create a business future! Use our wisdom and passion to go to the grand blueprint of the temple fair for a century.

floating coil heat exchanger is the new product improved on the basis of former products. Now it has been the Generation VI Product by our continued optimizing and improving. Because we use the smaller heat transfer component, it has tight structure and reasonable layout The moreover, the decrease of outer size has solved the problem short flow caused by uneven flow velocity on the circular cross section of former shell  side,  therefore its potential functions of high heat transfer coefficient K and stable thermostatic water supply can be brought into to the full play.

The floating coil heat exchanger can be widely used in the supply system of heating,air conditioning and domestic hot water in the industrial and civil buildings just like hotels,restaurants,organs,schools,hospitals,laundries,factories and so on.

It has the following advantage:

1.heat exchanger Stainless steel

2.Automatic descaling

3.Less floor space

4.High exchange efficiency

5.Automatic temperature control

floating coil heat exchanger

Floating Coil Heat Exchanger

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