Manual valves, through the handle, hand wheel valve operation, is commonly used on the equipment pipeline a valve. Its handle, hand wheel rotation clockwise closed, counterclockwise to open. However, there are also individual valves that open as opposed to the above. Therefore, before operation should pay attention to check the opening and closing signs before operating.

Valve on the hand wheel, the handle is normal human design, therefore, the use of the provisions of the valve does not allow the operator to use the lever and long wrench to open or close the valve. Handwheel, handwheel with 320mm diameter (length), allows two people to work together or allows one person to operate the valve with the appropriate lever (typically no more than 0.5m long).

Valve such as gate valve and stop valve, closed or open to the end (ie, bottom dead center or top dead center) to be rotated 1/4 ~ 1/2 laps, so that the thread is better close together, and favorable operation, so as not to be too tight, damaged Valve parts.

Some operators are accustomed to using the lever and long wrench operation, that the greater the closing force the better, in fact not the case. This will cause premature valve damage, and even lead to accidents.

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