Manual valve operation methods which

Manual valves, through the handle, hand wheel valve operation, is commonly used on the equipment pipeline a valve. Its handle, hand wheel rotation clockwise closed, counterclockwise to open. However, there are also individual valves that open as opposed to the above. Therefore, before operation sh-----

Drying equipment industry embarked on the road to innov…

Energy-saving and environment-friendly equipment will become more and more popular with people. The birth of such equipment not only saves energy and reduces emissions, but also turns waste into treasure, creating more economic benefits for society. The rapid development of China's economy has-----

SS_(4 modified) electric locomotive traction motor arma…

Hudong Electric Power Division Datong 373001 Overview Traction motor is the main motor that drives the moving shaft of the locomotive. It is the main component of electric locomotive. How its performance directly affects the traction of the locomotive. 1 The traction motor shaft has large force and-----

LandGlass will Take Part in Mir Stekla 2015

Date: June 8-11, 2015 Place: Stand 22E 32, Hall 2, Pavillion 2, Expocentre Fairgrounds, Moscow, Russia Introduction: Mir Stekla is the biggest exhibition dedicated in glass industry in Eastern Europe. LandGlass has taken part in this exhibition for many years and has established a thorough -----

How much does the Weichai family know about you?

The Weichai LanQing engine has become known to everyone and is the key decision-making product of Weichai brand strategy. The so-called “LanQing” is a transliteration of the English word “land king” and is taken as the “king of the land”. According to rep-----

The second quarter machinery industry may continue to b…

Since the beginning of this year, under the dual pressures of declining production growth, overcapacity, weak demand, and rising rigid costs such as wages, various indicators of the machinery industry have been operating at a low level. In the first quarter, the profit growth of enterprises above -----

The first domestic PTA steam tube dryer export

China's first PTA (Purified Terephthalic Acid) Steam Pipe Dryer designed and manufactured for BP Oil Company in the United Kingdom was successfully manufactured and delivered at the Chemical Machinery Plant of Nanjing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. This marked that China's manufacturing industr-----