Application of Photocatalytic Degradation of Nano-TiO2 …

It is believed that the theoretical basis of nano-TiO 2 as a photocatalyst is: the absorption edge migration caused by the quantum size confinement; the spectral absorption and emission behavior structuring caused by the scattering energy level and transition; compared with the semiconductor materi-----

Desorption-salt desorption method for saturated gold-lo…

Although it has long been known that activated carbon is a good adsorbent for gold cyanide, the early method of recovering gold from gold-loaded charcoal is to burn off the gold-loaded charcoal and then smelt the gold from the ash. The activated carbon can only be used once and the cost is high. Af-----

Inhibition and removal of non-molybdenum sulfide minera…

Molybdenum ore or copper -molybdenum ore contains, in addition to copper sulfide, impurities such as lead sulfide and iron sulfide. In some molybdenum ores, iron sulfide and lead sulfide are also higher than copper sulfide, and become the main non-molybdenum sulfide impurities. Means for inhibitin-----

Pangang Group Jinzhou Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.

Pangang Group Jinzhou Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. [original Jinzhou ferroalloy (Group) Co., Ltd. is a titanium dioxide plant] Panzhihua Iron and Steel (Group) Company and Jinzhou Ferroalloy (Group) Co., Ltd. established a joint venture in 2002. The company is registered in Jinzhou High-tech Industri-----

Precious metal application

Precious metals have an important strategic role in the development of modern society, especially the platinum group metals in the mid-20th century came to be known "modern industrial vitamins" in the 1980s as the "first important high-tech metal (First and foremost Ahigh-technology m-----

Gold smelting cyanide tailings for gold extraction and …

Name achievements: gold smelter tailings cyanide gold extraction and utilization Applicant: Tsinghua University Identification Number: Kam word [teaching SW2003] Identification No. 008 Date: September 7, 2003 Subject: About the outcome of the civil water: The technology has not been reported at hom-----

Comparison between rod mill and ball mill

After in-depth research, calculation and comparison, it is found that the comprehensive effects of various economic indicators and production capacities of the rod mill are far superior to those of the ball mill . 1, from a mathematical analysis of the crusher, ball mill or rod mill, whether, when-----