What are the advantages of hand-push vacuum cleaners?

Everyone’s first intuitive impression of a city should be urban construction and health. Health should be the most important facade for the city. Although iconic buildings are indispensable, there are no good health conditions. , then in what magnifi-----

Did you trick you into using the tanker air conditionin…

We can feel that the season of natural saunas is ready to enter, and if air conditioners are used improperly on the way to a tank car, it will cause people to suffer a lot in such hot weather, and even severe heat stroke may occur. Therefore, drivers and fr-----

Fault repair of car sunroof

It is normal for a car to malfunction. What our drivers can do is to reduce the occurrence of car faults, to provide protection, and to be able to detect faults and discharge them in time. Here are some common faults that the small series has compiled for the riders about the-----

Smart cities have become a global trend for cities

At present, large-scale urbanization has become the trend of urban development. How to ensure the safety of food, medicine and human beings in the process of large-scale urbanization so as to build a safe and effective monitoring network; and how to meet people's educational, health and medica-----

Old driver needs to get fire protection knowledge of ta…

Before using the tanker, the following preparations should be done: Insert the conductive rod into the ground so that it is “grounded”. If it is dry, it can be watered to make it wet. Needs good protection and good grounding. And check the groun-----

Hitachi Construction Machinery ZX890LCH-5A Boosts Mine …

In order to better meet the needs of China's mining industry and large-scale engineering projects for high-quality power, Hitachi Construction Machinery officially launched the ZX890LCH-5A large excavator, a heavyweight new product of the ZAXIS 5A series in 2016. With unique advantages in terms-----

Sprinkler water should be well controlled

When it comes to controlling the amount of water on the sprinkler, this may be a concern for many drivers, because if it is to ensure that the sprinkler has a good state of operation, it will be able to implement greening and environmental protection. In th-----