·Invisible giants appear in Tesla core components with…

In the field of electric vehicles, Tesla is proud of it, and it has been the battery management system that BYD has been looking forward to. How does this system work, and it is difficult for outsiders to see it. However, in the recent Shenzhen stock market, a company called Tongfu Microelectronic-----

Standards come together to promote smart meters in Germ…

[China Instrument Network Industry Focus] The emergence of a new type of smart meter measurement system has realized the collection of electricity consumption information, met the demand-side management of the electricity side and other technologies, and has become an indispensable tool for the deve-----

Seven taboos on the use of tires for car maintenance

Statistics show that in the traffic accident on the highway, the accident occupancy rate caused by a puncture is more than 70%. From this we can see the importance of the tyre to the vehicle. Today, Xiao Bian talked to you about the seven taboos on the use of tires. I hope that the owners of the -----

LED lighting industry maintains rapid growth

The overcapacity of photovoltaic LEDs has left a deep impression on people. Now, the LED lighting industry is growing rapidly and is expected to bring a new atmosphere to the entire industry. From the situation in recent years, the LED lighting industry has maintained rapid growth. Ding Wenwu, direc-----

Double Cone Rotary Vacuum Dryer Advantage

Double cone rotary vacuum dryer, scientific design concept, new environmental protection effect, the biggest innovation is the double cone rotary vacuum dryer set mixing and drying as a whole, simplifying the working procedures, the internal structure is simple, the operation saves time and effort-----

New Arduino motion sensor has been created

Developers, manufacturers and enthusiasts want to create Arduino projects that record movements either from the human body or moving objects that may be interested in the new Arduino motion sensor, created by BITalino, called the BITalino(r) Evolu-----

Changlong Airlines receives $260 million engine order

On November 11, Zhejiang Changlong Airlines, headquartered in Hangzhou, signed an agreement with CFM International in Zhuhai, China to order LEAP-1A engines for its nine A320neo aircraft. With an order value of US$260 million, Changlong Airlines has also become the launching user of LEAP-1A in China-----