Hudong Electric Power Division Datong 373001 Overview Traction motor is the main motor that drives the moving shaft of the locomotive. It is the main component of electric locomotive. How its performance directly affects the traction of the locomotive. 1 The traction motor shaft has large force and poor working conditions. Susceptible to fatigue. For example, on May 25, 1996, the third traction motor shaft of 38186 locomotive in Hudong Electric Power Division broke, causing the machine to break, which directly affected the transportation safety. 2 The determination of the flaw detection method was analyzed from the traction motor shaft. From the inside of the mounting pinion to the bearing, the inner side is the distance from the shaft end, (1), which is larger than the inner side of the + gear and the bearing mounting surface, the stress is concentrated, and fatigue cracks often occur. The 318 locomotive armature shaft breaks and occurs, and the inside of the mounting surface is smooth by the segment wheel mounting surface. In the inspection, Ding uses the magnetic particle inspection method; while the bearing mounting surface is difficult to pull out due to the inner sleeve of the bearing, and the inner oil sealing ring protrudes outward by about 10, and the transitional circle is crushed to death, so that the fatigue crack occurrence area is difficult to find, therefore, Ultrasonic flaw detection here fatigue crack 3 flaw detection condition flaw detection method small angle longitudinal wave vertical incidence method. ! Add to the long person to slash.
The detecting surface is the end surface of the shaft, and the surface roughness is not greater than 312 and the oil is coupled.
4 Detection sensitivity Timely baseline adjustment Detection sensitivity Place the probe above the ejector hole at the shaft end, so that the sound beam is aligned with the human 1 kerf of the physical test block. Adjust the waveform, the bell; the mouth wave is 4.6 and 6.5, respectively, and the wave height is 8 off the full amplitude of the screen, and the baseline is adjusted at 1 o'clock. Adjust the instrument, take the appropriate depth file, and make the defect wave easy to discriminate. When the time base is adjusted to 300, the grid on the flood screen is 30, 5. The flaw detection method 3 probe is placed above the ejector hole of the shaft end face, the coupling is good, the pressure Properly, move the probe in a zigzag shape so that the sound beam is aligned with the bearing mounting surface for scanning. When a crack wave occurs, the positioning of the quantitative defect is performed. When the crack occurs, the crack defect is calculated according to the position of the defect wave from the time base ratio. Quantitative, using the equivalent method, the wave height will be the same, then the crack depth is the same as the test block depth.
For the reflected wave above or below the kerf of the test block, the curve can be quantified by 1 curve, and the corresponding crack depth can be found at different wave heights under sensitivity. 2 The crack circumferential length measuring probe moves the wave height to the highest and is adjusted by the attenuator. Adjust the wave height to 8 volumes, and then move the probe in the circumferential direction until the waveform height is 4 off. The arc length between the point and the other end wave height is 4 turns is the crack length.
Crack wave characteristics. The crack wave is straight and the peak is sharp and violent. It is steep and steep. Due to the depth of the crack, when the probe moves up and down, the waveform has a swimming distance on the time base. At the same time, the waveform changes from high to low or from low to high. The crack has a fixed circumferential length, so the probe is moved circumferentially, the crack wave position is unchanged, the height is smoothly changed, and the relationship between the continuous 2 crack depth and the wave height is regularly increased or decreased.
6 should pay attention to the armature shaft end face has a 4 cm 20 screw hole for fixed compression of the pinion baffle, affecting the detection surface, and the sound beam at the bearing mounting surface corresponding to the screw hole can not be scanned, resulting in blind zone It is possible to make the length shorter. Small cracks with shallow depth are leaked. Therefore, moving the probe near the screw hole should slow down, and the probe should swing to the left and right and pay attention to the waveform change at any time.

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