The rapid development of urban construction is accompanied by a substantial increase in energy consumption. Road lighting is a big user of electric power. Under the premise of meeting urban road lighting requirements, realizing traffic safety and smooth traffic, achieving scientific and reasonable power saving has become an important issue for the current city to achieve green development. Real-life shooting section: High-pressure sodium lamp 400W before the transformation of Yongxing Road, Xushui County, Baoding City, Hebei Province Color rendering index: 22.6 Average illuminance: 17.2 Modified Xenon street lamp 200W Color rendering index: 75.4 Average illuminance: 27.4 Xenon lamp can be widely used Outdoor road lighting (municipal roads, highways, airports, tunnels, docks and other public facilities), architectural lighting (squares, landmark buildings, exhibition halls, stadiums, etc.), industrial and mining industrial lighting (factory, storage, mines, etc.) . Changsheng Energy Savings For the moment, when it comes to energy saving and emission reduction in the lighting industry, most people will think of the LED industry. However, in Guangdong and Fujian, there are still a group of people who have taken a different approach. New light source for lighting Chinese people have the autonomy of technology. The most patented spectrum is closest to the sunlight. The light efficiency is higher. The color rendering index is above 70. The energy saving rate is up to 55%. The service life is up to 8 years. This is from the high-power helium created in China. The latest authoritative test conclusions of new lighting sources. Dai Rongxiang, secretary general of the Energy Conservation Service Industry Committee of Fujian Energy Conservation Association, told reporters in an interview that in recent years, LED street lamps have been widely used in high-power road lighting with the support of national policies, but high-power xenon lamps are used as urban energy-saving lighting. Under the same energy-saving effect, the new light source has the core independent technology and can effectively control the cost. For China, bringing high-quality, low-energy light sources to urban roads and related fields undoubtedly has the meaning of independent innovation.

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