Developers, manufacturers and enthusiasts want to create Arduino projects that record movements either from the human body or moving objects that may be interested in the new Arduino motion sensor, created by BITalino, called the BITalino(r) Evolution. (r) Arduino motion sensors have been specifically built for projects that need to add self-tracking applications based on information from your body. BITalino is a low-cost, dedicated, all-in-one hardware and software toolkit designed for fast, easy-to-bitter projects and body signals, development of quantified self-wearing devices or applications, and/or learning how Establish medical equipment.
More professional-grade tools can easily cost more than 10,000 dollars for this purpose, but the goal is to make them available to anyone, harness power and creative open-source movements, and increase innovation in bio-signal-based applications in an unprecedented way . BITalino offers a universal set of Arduino-compatible software and hardware modules with sensor electrocardiogram (ECG), electromyogram (EMG), electrodermal activity (EDA), accelerometer (ACC) and ambient light (LUX) including Bluetooth Low Energy-consuming wireless communication software toolkit for real-time or offline playback of signals.

Fenders For HONDA:

Yangzhou Gemini Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years experiences in producing and selling metal body parts of various vehicles. We are specialized manufacturer of fenders used for HONDA, including CITY, CIVIC, ACCORD, FIT, CRIDER, JADE, CROSSTOUR, VEZEL-HRV, X-RV, CRV, ODYSSEY, and SPIROIR. We own Hydraulic Machines, Punching Machines, Numerical Control cutting Machines, CNC Grinding Machines, Painting and Electrophoresis Coating lines. We provide "Professional Efficient Effective" service to all of our domestic and oversea customers. We are very glad to be contacted by you and hope that we can keep a long-term cooperation on the business of Steel Body Autoparts.

Fenders For HONDA

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