[China Agricultural Machinery Industry News] The manufacturing industry, which is the mainstay of the national economy, is the main battlefield for implementing the "Internet" initiative. At present, the pace of integration of China's manufacturing industry and the Internet is accelerating, but there are still some problems in terms of core technology, application level, security and institutional mechanisms. The State Council has proposed a task to promote the better development of the Internet and manufacturing. .
State Council: "Requires Mission Measures" Three Arrows to Promote Better and Faster Development of "Internet"
The people's governments of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government, ministries and commissions of the State Council, and their respective agencies:
Manufacturing is the mainstay of the national economy and the main battlefield for the implementation of the "Internet" initiative. China is a big manufacturing country and a big Internet country. It promotes the integration of manufacturing and the Internet. It is conducive to the formation of superposition effect, aggregation effect, multiplication effect, speeding up the transformation of new and old development kinetic energy and production system, with broad prospects and great potential. At present, the pace of integration of China's manufacturing industry and the Internet is accelerating. It has achieved initial success in stimulating the vitality of “double innovation”, cultivating new models and new formats, and promoting supply-side structural reforms. However, there are still insufficient platform support and weak core technologies. The application level is not high, the security guarantee needs to be strengthened, and the system and mechanism need to be improved. In order to further deepen the development of manufacturing and Internet convergence, and jointly promote the "Made in China 2025" and "Internet" actions to accelerate the construction of a strong country, the following opinions are proposed.
First, the overall requirements
(1) Guiding ideology. Fully implement the spirit of the Party's 18th and 18th Central, 4th and 5th Plenary Sessions, and firmly establish and implement the development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing in accordance with the decision-making arrangements of the State Council to stimulate innovation in manufacturing enterprises. Vitality, development potential and transformational drive are the main lines. With the construction of manufacturing and Internet integration “double innovation” platform as the starting point, we will focus on the key links of manufacturing and Internet integration, actively cultivate new modes and new formats, strengthen the support of information technology industry, and improve information. Safeguarding, consolidating the foundation of development, creating a new ecosystem of integration, fully releasing the power of the "Internet", transforming and upgrading traditional kinetic energy, nurturing new economic growth points, developing a new economy, and accelerating the promotion of "Made in China" quality, efficiency and upgrading, Achieve progress from industrial powers to industrial powers.
(2) Basic principles.
Adhere to the drive of innovation and stimulate new kinetic energy for transformation. Actively build various Internet platforms that support the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, fully integrate the “double-creative” forces and resources of integrated manufacturing enterprises and Internet companies, and drive innovations in technology products, organization management, operating mechanisms, sales concepts and models to improve supply quality. And efficiency, stimulating new kinetic energy for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.
Adhere to the development of integration and promote the creation of new models. Promote the integration of technology integration and concept integration, and promote the comprehensive integration of manufacturing enterprises and Internet companies in terms of development concepts, industrial systems, production models, business models, etc., and bring into play the advantages of Internet aggregation to optimize various types of factor resources, and build an open production organization system. Vigorously develop new models such as personalized customization and service-oriented manufacturing.
Adhere to the policy of different industries and foster new competitive advantages. Deeply grasp the diffusion laws and integration methods of Internet technologies in different industries and links, and aim at the differences in the basis and level of the integration and development of different industries and enterprises, improve the integration promotion mechanism and policy system, and foster new advantages in manufacturing competition.
Adhere to the main body of the enterprise and build a new environment for development. Give full play to the role of the market mechanism, give better play to the government's guiding role, highlight the main body of the enterprise, optimize government services, properly handle the relationship between encouraging innovation and strengthening supervision, comprehensively promoting and dislocation development, accelerating development and ensuring security, and forming a fair and orderly integration. Develop a new environment.
(3) Main objectives.
By the end of 2018, the penetration rate of Internet “double creation” platform for key enterprises in key manufacturing industries reached 80%. Compared with the end of 2015, industrial cloud enterprise users doubled, new product development cycle shortened by 12%, and inventory turnover rate increased by 25%. Energy efficiency increased by 5%. The “double creation” platform of the manufacturing Internet has become a new source of kinetic energy to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. It has formed a number of new manufacturing models with strong demonstration effects, and has initially formed a new manufacturing ecosystem with cross-border integration. Manufacturing digitalization, networking, and intelligence Significant progress has been made, and it has become the core driving force for consolidating China's manufacturing power status and accelerating its efforts to become a manufacturing power.
By 2025, the integration of manufacturing and Internet development has reached a new level. The integration of the “double innovation” system is basically complete, the new development model is widely popularized, the new manufacturing system is basically formed, and the comprehensive competitiveness of the manufacturing industry is greatly improved.
Second, the main task
(4) To create a “double innovation” platform for manufacturing enterprises. Organize the implementation of the "double-creative" platform construction project of the manufacturing enterprise Internet, support manufacturing enterprises to build an Internet-based "double-creative" platform, deepen the integration application of industrial cloud, big data and other technologies, gather wisdom, and accelerate the construction of new research and development, production and management. And service model to promote technological product innovation and business management optimization, and enhance the overall innovation capability and level of the enterprise. Encourage large-scale manufacturing enterprises to open up various resources gathered by the “double-creative” platform, strengthen cooperation with various types of entrepreneurial innovation bases, and create space for the whole society, provide professional services for the whole society, and establish “double innovation” for resource enrichment, innovation and cooperation. "New ecology. Deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises and the reform of the science and technology system, promote the deep integration and open sharing of the “double-creative” resources of industry, academia and research, support the joint research institutes, universities and various innovation platforms of manufacturing enterprises, and accelerate the construction of supporting collaborative research and development and technology diffusion. "Double creation" system.
(V) Promote Internet enterprises to build a “double-created” service system for manufacturing. Organize the implementation of the "double-creative" service platform support capacity enhancement project, support large Internet companies, basic telecommunications enterprises to build a "double-creative" service platform for manufacturing enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, and encourage basic telecommunications enterprises to increase broadband for "double-creation" bases Supporting the construction of network infrastructure, further speeding up and reducing fees, improving the “double-creative” service system for manufacturing, creating a new “double-create” new environment for cooperation and win-win for large and medium-sized enterprises, and creating a new situation for joint innovation and entrepreneurship of large and medium-sized enterprises. Encourage local governments to rely on national new industrialization industrial demonstration bases, economic and technological development zones, national high-tech industrial development zones and other industrial clusters, accelerate the improvement of talents, capital and other policy environments, make full use of the Internet, and actively develop maker space, innovative workshops, open source communities And other new creation space, combined with the construction of “double creation” demonstration base, to cultivate a number of “double-created” demonstration bases supporting the development of the manufacturing industry. Organize the implementation of enterprise management capacity improvement projects, accelerate the formulation and application of information management and industrialization integration management system standards, promote business process reengineering and organizational changes, and establish a new organizational management model.
(6) Supporting cross-border integration between manufacturing companies and Internet companies. Encourage manufacturing enterprises to cooperate with Internet companies to cultivate new business entities, establish technical systems, standards, business models and competition rules that are suitable for integrated development, and form a convergent development pattern with complementary advantages and win-win cooperation. Promote the comprehensive connection between SME manufacturing resources and the Internet platform, realize the online release, collaboration and transaction of manufacturing capabilities, actively develop the sharing economy for manufacturing, break the boundaries of enterprises, share technology, equipment and services, and improve the rapid response and flexibility of SMEs. Supply capacity. Support manufacturing companies and e-commerce companies to carry out strategic investment, brand cultivation, online sales, logistics and other areas of cooperation, integrate online and offline trading resources, expand sales channels, and create a new ecosystem of production, distribution, logistics and other synergistic production and distribution.
(7) Cultivate a new model of manufacturing and Internet integration. Facing the whole process of production and manufacturing, the whole industry chain, and the whole life cycle of products, implementing major projects such as intelligent manufacturing, supporting enterprises to deepen the integration of quality management and the Internet, promoting the quality control of the whole industry chain such as online measurement and online testing, and vigorously developing networked collaboration. New production models such as manufacturing. Support enterprises to use the Internet to collect and connect users' individual needs, and carry out research and development, production, service and business model innovation based on personalized products to promote supply and demand matching. Promote enterprises to use the Internet to carry out online value-added services, encourage the development of product lifecycle management and services for smart products and smart equipment, expand product value space, and transform and upgrade from manufacturing to manufacturing services. Actively cultivate new formats such as industrial e-commerce, support key enterprises in key industries to establish online procurement, sales and service platforms for the industry, and promote the construction of a number of third-party e-commerce service platforms.
(8) Strengthening the basic support for integration and development. Promote the implementation of national key R&D plans, strengthen manufacturing automation, digitalization, intelligent basic technology and industrial support capabilities, and accelerate the construction of new foundations for automatic control and perception, industrial cloud and intelligent service platforms, and industrial Internet. Organize the implementation of the “core fire” plan and the sensor industry improvement project, and accelerate the industrialization of sensors, process control chips, and programmable logic controllers. Accelerate the industrialization of industrial software such as computer-aided design simulation, manufacturing execution system, and product lifecycle management, and strengthen the basic role of software support and definition of manufacturing. Construct an information physics system reference model and an integrated technical standard system, build a test verification platform and a comprehensive verification test bed, and support compatibility verification, interconnection and interoperability test verification.
(9) Enhance the ability of the integrated development system solution. Implementing the capacity development project of the Convergence Development System Solution, promoting the technical analysis and standard development of identification, data exchange and communication protocols for industrial product interconnection, and focusing on the construction of intelligent manufacturing units, intelligent production lines, intelligent workshops and smart factories in key industries. Batch system solution providers, organize pilot demonstrations of industrial system solution applications, and provide standardized and specialized system solutions for SMEs. Support qualified enterprises to carry out the divestiture and reorganization of system solution business, promote the specialization, scale and marketization of system solution services, and give full play to the "adhesive" role of system solutions to promote the integration of manufacturing and Internet.
(10) Improve the safety level of industrial information systems. Implement industrial safety control system for industrial control systems, formulate policies and regulations for industrial information security management, improve industrial information security standards, establish a mechanism for collecting and analyzing safety risk information of industrial control systems, and organize information security for industrial control systems in key industries. Inspection and risk assessment. Organize pilot demonstrations of information security for industrial enterprises, support the construction of key common technology platforms such as system simulation testing, evaluation and verification, and promote the industrialization of core technology products such as access control, traceability, business information and privacy protection. Focusing on improving the ability of industrial information security monitoring, evaluation, verification and emergency response, relying on existing scientific research institutions to build a national industrial information security center to provide security support for the integration of manufacturing and Internet.
Third, safeguard measures
(11) Improve the institutional mechanism for integrated development. In-depth promotion of decentralization and decentralization, integration of management, optimization of service reform, relaxation of market access restrictions for new products and new formats, strengthening post-event supervision, enhancing the ability and level of service for enterprises, and creating a conducive development of manufacturing and Internet convergence environment of. Adapt to the development trend of cross-border integration of manufacturing industry and Internet, actively play the role of bridges between industry associations and intermediary organizations, encourage the establishment of new industry-university-research alliances across industries and cross-disciplines, and carry out key common technology research, integration standards development and public service platforms. Construction. Focusing on the protection needs of new business models for intellectual property rights, improve relevant policies and regulations, and build a network of intellectual property operation services with reasonable structure, clear hierarchy and sustainable development.
(12) Cultivate the mechanism for the integration and development of state-owned enterprises. Encourage central enterprises to set up innovative investment funds, guide local industrial investment funds and social capital, support the construction of “double innovation” platform for large enterprises, innovative creativity incubation, transformation of scientific and technological achievements and cultivation of emerging industries. Establish a mechanism that is conducive to the deep integration of state-owned enterprises and the Internet, stimulate the vitality of enterprises, and actively carry out "double innovation", improve the internal innovation organization system and operation mechanism of state-owned enterprises, explore the introduction of limited partnership system, and improve the performance evaluation of encouraging innovation and tolerance failure. The mechanism studies and establishes an evaluation system for the innovation capability of central enterprises, establishes a system for income distribution and wage rewards that promotes the transfer of innovation results, and implements equity and dividend incentive policies for important technical personnel and management personnel of enterprises.
(13) Increase financial support for integration and development. Utilize the existing funds of the central government to encourage local governments to set up special funds for integrated development, increase investment in key links and key areas of manufacturing and Internet integration development, and implement intelligent equipment transformation and “double innovation” platform for qualified enterprises. Support for the construction, operation and application pilot demonstration projects. Give full play to the existing relevant special funds and funds to guide the role, support the system solution capacity improvement and manufacturing "double innovation" public service platform construction. If the manufacturing or Internet integration development work or project involves technology research and development and does require central financial support, it will be supported by optimizing the integrated technology plan (special funds, funds, etc.). Innovate financial funding support methods, encourage the government to purchase specialized third-party services such as cloud computing, and support small and medium-sized enterprises to enhance their information capabilities.
(14) Improve taxation and financial policies that support integrated development. In conjunction with the comprehensive implementation of the pilot reform of the camp, the scope of the VAT deduction for manufacturing enterprises will be further expanded, and the VAT preferential policies will be implemented to support manufacturing companies to conduct independent business based on the Internet or joint ventures with Internet companies. We will implement the income tax incentives such as deductions for research and development expenses, high-tech enterprises, and actively research and improve the tax policy for technology business incubators. Select a group of key cities and key enterprises to carry out production integration pilots, and support the development of financial products and services such as credit loans, financial leasing, and pledge guarantees. Financial institutions are encouraged to use the “double creation” platform to provide one-stop systemized financial services such as settlement, financing, wealth management and consulting, further promote intellectual property pledge, innovative guarantee methods, and actively explore diversified credit risk sharing mechanisms.
(15) Strengthening services such as the integration of land for development. Supporting manufacturing enterprises to use the existing real estate and land resources to develop new businesses and new formats that integrate the manufacturing industry and the Internet without changing the land use and planning conditions, and to maintain the original use of land and the type of rights during the five-year transition period. policy. Encourage qualified localities to introduce support policies according to local conditions, actively revitalize unused industrial plants, enterprise warehouses and logistics facilities, and provide subsidies for office buildings, hydropower, and network, and provide entrepreneurship for the integration of manufacturing and Internet development. Provide low-cost, convenient professional services.
(16) Improve the system of training talents for integrated development. We will deepen the reform of the talent system and mechanism, improve the risk sharing and revenue sharing mechanisms such as equity and options that encourage innovation, attract cross-border talents with innovative capabilities, and create a favorable environment that is conducive to the integration of development talents. Support colleges and universities to set up "Internet" and other related majors, promote the construction of professional degrees in higher education institutions, and strengthen the training of high-level applied professionals. In the key institutions, large enterprises and industrial parks, a number of professional talent training bases combining production, education, and research will be established, and the pilot program of new apprenticeships will be actively launched. In combination with the national professional and technical personnel knowledge update project, enterprise management and management personnel quality improvement project, high-skilled talent revitalization plan, etc., strengthen the integration of development of professional talents and personnel training. Promote the information officer system in large and medium-sized enterprises and expand the network application talent team.
(17) Promote international development and exchange of integration and development. Actively initiate or participate in multi-bilateral or regional rule negotiations in the Internet field to enhance influence and voice. Promote the establishment of a Chinese-foreign government and non-governmental dialogue and exchange mechanism, and carry out technical exchanges and cooperation around the construction of large-scale manufacturing enterprises' Internet “double innovation” platform, integration development standards and application demonstration. In conjunction with the implementation of the “One Belt, One Road” and other major national strategies, the Bank uses the Silk Road Fund, the China-Africa Development Fund, and the China-Africa Capacity Cooperation Fund to support the industry associations, industry alliances and enterprises to jointly promote the development of China's manufacturing industry and the Internet. Technology, standards and services to promote the “chaining out” of the manufacturing and Internet integration chain, expand overseas markets; enhance the ability and level of “bringing in”, and use global talent, technology, intellectual property and other innovative resources to learn international advanced management The model supports and promotes the development of China's manufacturing industry and the Internet.
All regions and departments should attach great importance to deepening the development of manufacturing and Internet integration, unifying thoughts, raising awareness, intensifying efforts, and earnestly implementing this opinion. The National Leading Group for Manufacturing Strong Powers should coordinate research and improve the development mechanism for the integration of manufacturing and Internet integration, strengthen the comprehensive coordination of major issues, major policies and major projects, deploy supervision and inspection, and promote the implementation of various tasks. All relevant departments shall, in accordance with the division of responsibilities, strengthen coordination and coordination, do a good job in guiding and coordinating, promptly introduce supporting policies, improve relevant rules and regulations, strengthen follow-up supervision, and promptly help relevant parties to resolve difficulties and problems encountered. The National Manufacturing Powerful Country Construction Strategy Advisory Committee should fully play its role in organizing basic, forward-looking and strategic research to provide advice on major decisions and related project implementation. All regions should establish a sound working mechanism in combination with the actual situation, formulate specific implementation plans, strengthen assessment and assessment, and ensure that all tasks of integration and development are implemented.
(Original title: State Council's guidance on deepening the development of manufacturing and Internet convergence)

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