When customers purchase a sprinkler, they will request the effective volume of the tank to see if the vehicle meets their needs. Today, we will teach you how to measure the effective volume and tonnage of your tanks yourself, so you can order a sprinkler for your own use.

1. Sprinkler Formula Calculation

We need to first measure the head length, width, and length of the tank body. Use publicity: effective volume = head length * head width * can length. The effective volume of the tank can be calculated.

2. Sprinklers quality conversion

This method is relatively straightforward. The density of water is 1 ton/m3. We first use the mantle to weigh the weight of the empty car, and then we can weigh the full weight of the tank water and empty the car before the full load. The quality of water can be filled, according to volume = quality / density. Can get effective volume.

The above two methods are very practical, but manufacturers will produce according to the customer's requirements when purchasing a sprinkler. Of course, if you are interested, you can measure it yourself.

Hubei Cheng Li sprinklers generally use Dongfeng, Liberation, Futian Auman and other types of chassis. The currently widely used Dongfeng series of sprinklers: Dolika, 140, 145, 153, Tianjin, Tianlong, Dongfeng Hou Shuangqiao and so on.

Hubei Chengli sprinkler tank production: using automatic assembly line tank production process is divided into: cutting, automatic welding plate, head spinning forming, tank rolling and other domestic advanced production technology. Tank materials used High-quality carbon steel plate production. In special applications, 304 stainless steel can also be used according to the customer's needs. The volume of the tank body is "4 cubic, 5 cubic, 6 cubic, 8 cubic, 10 cubic, 13 cubic, 15 cubic" and so on. Manufacturers set car hotline.


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