Four leaves are rich in vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, starch, polysaccharides and other nutrients. Four-leaf ginseng rhizomes can be used as medicine, blood and milk, detoxification, swelling and pus, after the illness for the body, lack of milk, Bloated edema and mastitis are antidote and nourishing and strengthening agent. The nutritional value of wild four-leaf ginseng in the Dabie Mountains is little known, and no literature has been reported. In order to clarify the nutritional value of the wild Dabie Mountains, special determination of its root mass The content of water, fat, total sugar, protein, amino acid composition and elements provides scientific basis for its full development and utilization. For the determination of the content of nutrients in four-leaf ginseng, the automatic Kjeldahl determination instrument is generally used.

The automatic Kjeldahl determination of nutrient elements first requires the sample to be processed. The growth period of the sample is 3a. The naturally dried roots of the four-leaved cucumber are rinsed with water, and the soil in the root block is brushed in the oven. 60e Drying, placing in a desiccator to cool to room temperature, cutting the dried skin with a stainless steel knife, crushing with a universal plant crusher, and passing through a 40-mesh sieve. Main instruments: polarization Zeeman atomic absorption spectrophotometer, automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer, ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer; high performance liquid chromatography vacuum degassing pump, electric constant temperature drying box.

By the determination of nutrients in the wild K. stipendum by automatic Kjeldahl determination, the content of crude fat and protein in the four-leaf ginseng was not high, and the total sugar content was high. It was a good sugar source. The ratios of trace elements Cu and Zn in the four-leaf ginseng were reasonable (copper-zinc ratio was 0.33), and selenium content was also higher, indicating that the four wild ginseng may have a certain anti-cancer effect. The contents of major elements calcium, magnesium and phosphorus in the four-leaf ginseng They are all very abundant, and the total amount of calcium and magnesium is kept in balance with the phosphorus content. Minerals play an important role in the body's cellular metabolism, biosynthesis and physiological functions. Zinc and body development, bone growth, immune function, sexual development and Its function, protein and nucleic acid metabolism, enzyme activity are closely related.

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