Fault analysis: During the high-speed rotation of the diesel generator set, the high-temperature oil pump fault is generally due to the lack of oil inside the high-pressure oil pump and the governor. The lubrication components are not fully lubricated, and the frictional resistance of the moving parts increases. Caused by heat.

cause of issue:
1 The diesel fuel advance angle is incorrect.
2 The diesel engine high-pressure oil pump jam occurs in the plunger to generate heat.
3 The inorganic oil in the high-pressure oil pump and the governor, and the components produce dry friction.
4 The body temperature is too high and the high pressure pump temperature is too high.
5 The oil hole in the nozzle assembly of the injector is blocked, causing the high-pressure fuel pump to return the diesel fuel to the high-pressure pump. This will also cause the high-pressure pump to generate heat.

Troubleshooting method :
1 After the diesel engine stopped running, check the fuel supply advance angle. During the inspection, it was found that the fuel supply advance angle was 5°, and after adjustment, it was changed to 28° (normal value).
2 Check the oil in the high pressure oil pump and the governor, and find that the oil of the high pressure oil pump is at the lower limit of the small scale. Open the governor cover, check the inorganic oil in the governor with a screwdriver about 30cm long, and find that there is about 0.2cm deep oil, which is not in accordance with the regulation of the height of the governor. Add oil to the high pressure pump assembly again to the specified standard.
3 When the diesel engine is started for about 30 minutes, the temperature of the high-pressure oil pump is reduced.
4 Open the high-pressure pump side cover and use a flat-blade screwdriver to move the plungers. It is found that two plungers are stuck during oil supply. This may be the reason for the high temperature of the high-pressure pump (friction generates heat).
5 Replace the two plungers of the high-pressure oil pump, and then assemble and adjust. After 30 minutes of trial operation, the high-pressure oil pump has a uniform temperature and the high temperature fault is eliminated.

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