From August 10th to December 12th, 2012 China (Hangzhou) International New Energy Automobile Industry Exhibition was held in Hangzhou Peace Conference and Exhibition Center. Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dongfeng Electric Power Co., Ltd.) unveiled three electric models of pure electric school buses, electric sanitation vehicles and electric logistics vehicles at this auto show. Among them, the pure electric school bus made by transforming “Dongfeng Yufeng” made its debut. It is China's first full-loaded pure electric school bus.

The pure electric proboscis bus was developed on the basis of the “Dongfeng Yufeng” basic vehicle model after the “three high experiments” and the national security collision experiment. The body uses a variety of sophisticated technologies such as remote monitoring systems, fingerprint identification systems, and panoramic vision systems.

Because it is a full-loaded body, the entire vehicle comfort experience is stronger, and the lightweight characteristics are even more pronounced. One cruising range is more than 100 kilometers, and 100 kilometers consumes 40 degrees. According to the rating of 0.98 yuan per kWh, it only costs 39.2 yuan. The fuel consumption of a traditional school bus of 100 kilometers is about 13 liters. According to the current oil price of 7.20 yuan/liter, it costs 93.6 yuan. Compared with traditional school buses, 100 kilometers of pure electric school buses need to save 54.4 yuan. In addition, the advantages of pure electric school buses in operating costs are obvious. For example, at the core of the battery problem, the battery life of the school bus can reach 7 years, and the maintenance cost is only 1/4 of the conventional vehicles.

With the implementation of the new energy automotive development plan, many companies have begun to target this emerging market. Zhu Wencan, Assistant General Manager of Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd., said that the three models participating in this exhibition represent three important development directions for future pure electric vehicles, and are also the most suitable areas for the development of pure electric vehicles. Dongfeng Motor's shares as Dongfeng New Energy The main force of commercial vehicles has made great achievements in the development of new energy vehicles. At present, Dongfeng Tianyi pure electric/hybrid buses, pure electric logistics vehicles, commercial vehicles, and municipal vehicles (garbage removal trucks) have been developed. Five new energy vehicles, such as road cleaning vehicles and electric school buses, have been demonstrated in many cities such as Xiangyang, Tangshan, and Shanghai, not only achieving significant results in products, but also in pure electric buses and logistics vehicles. The development of the Sanitation Vehicle and the mode of commercial operation have also made many successful explorations.

At present, the Dongfeng Tianyi pure electric bus that has been put into demonstration operation for the first phase of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. has reached 50 sets, among which 40 sets of pure electric buses are used for demonstration operations in Xiangyang and Tangshan respectively.

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