The floatability of fluorite and barite is similar, and it is difficult to separate them by flotation. Fluorite and barite separation flotation can use the preferential flotation process to inhibit gangue and other gangue, flotation fluorite; can also use the first floating barite, after floating fluorite fluorite floating barite scheme Generally, a mixed flotation-separation scheme is adopted. Mixed flotation generally uses Na2C03, water glass and oleic acid combination agent system to mix floating barite and fluorite. Barite and fluorite can be separated by floating fluorite and barite scheme, with lignosulfonate and sodium fluoride. water glass, aluminum salts, iron salts and dextrin inhibiting barite gangue minerals (alone or in combination), oleic acid flotation fluorite; inhibition may also be employed fluorite floating barite embodiment, citric acid , strontium chloride, ammonium salt, water glass, etc. as fluorite inhibitor, adjust the pH value with NaOH, in the strong alkali medium, use oleic acid or sodium alkyl sulfate and other collectors to float barite, in the tank The product is a fluorite concentrate.

SDF inhibitor is an inhibitor composed of Na2S04 and caustic starch. It has a good inhibitory effect on barite. It uses TF2-8 as a collector, and it contains 49.50% of CaF2 and 49.50% of BaSO4 mixed mineral at pH=8.5. The left and right flotation tests show that the fluorite concentrate containing CaF295.61% and the recovery rate of 98.33% can be obtained by one rough selection.

In view of the high content of fluorite and barite in a fluorite ore and the similarity of mineral floatability, Chen Bin et al. used the preferential flotation process and obtained sodium carbonate + dextrin + water glass + ferrous sulfate as inhibitors. A concentrate containing CaF 296.28% and a recovery rate of 64.25% is used as a pyrogallic acid in the production.

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