Green agriculture is not only a good vision for people, but also a direction for modern agricultural workers to work hard. To achieve this goal, changing the traditional bad production methods is the first thing to do, and the alternative is to adopt a more professional approach. Scientific and technological content of spore culture statistical analysis systems and other equipment to carry out scientific prevention and control, through the use of less pesticides, improve control efficiency to ensure the quality of agricultural products and improve the agricultural production environment. Therefore, it can be said that the application of spore culture statistical analysis system in the construction of the Green Prevention and Control Demonstration Zone will help further consolidate the current green agricultural achievements and improve the overall agricultural image and quality.

Spore culture statistical analysis system

In the past, the bulk of agricultural environmental pollution was in the prevention and control of pests and diseases. Due to the lack of scientific survey data as support, farmers’ friends often needed to spray a large amount of pesticides to achieve the pest control effect, but at the same time it also brought serious pesticide residue problems. To develop green agriculture at this stage, we must pay close attention to green prevention and control. The application of spore culture statistical analysis system is mainly to provide technical support for the prevention and control of plant diseases. It can automatically collect and analyze airborne spores dispersed in the field, providing an important basis for the prevention and treatment of agricultural diseases, with its support. It will help to further promote pesticide reduction and control, prevent and control pests and diseases, reduce pollution and residues of pesticides, improve the quality of agricultural products, and reduce labor intensity.
With the popular application of agricultural IoT technology in agricultural production activities, the spore culture statistical analysis system has also begun to integrate with pest information collection systems and microclimate information collection systems into a more comprehensive agricultural monitoring system platform. Relevant departments have made great contributions to the timely detection of insect conditions, disease conditions, seedling conditions, and the climate of the field, and they have also provided technical support for the unified defense dominance. In particular, the application of spore culture statistical analysis system in the construction of green prevention and control demonstration zones has further deepened the demonstration and promotion of specialized prevention and control of green prevention and control, comprehensive prevention and control, and promoted the sustainable development of modern agriculture.

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