Now many factories are using forklifts, especially large-scale factories, and they need to transport large items. The role of forklifts is now evident. It may be that some people are not particularly aware of forklifts . Today we have come to understand.


Forklifts are used to carry some large items. The tray-type items are lifted from the bottom of the pan and then transported to a place where they can also be stacked. In front of it there is a flat, rigid forklift bracket that holds the items. It can move up and down to achieve stacking. However, a forklift is not a long-distance vehicle. It can only be transported over short distances.

Forklift is also required to test the driver's license, no forklift license to open the forklift is unlicensed driving, is to be severely punished. The forklift certificate is issued by the Labor and Social Security Bureau. You can go to some specialized training institutions to pass the exam. After passing, the forklift permit will be issued. The forklift certificate examination is less difficult, or it is a good test.

The emergence of forklifts has brought great convenience to many factories, docks, warehouses, etc. Before the appearance of forklifts, the handling of goods may be manual handling and stacking, and the efficiency of labor is naturally inferior to that of machines, and some may be Workers can't do it.


After the appearance of a forklift , the work efficiency is greatly improved. After the work efficiency is improved, the natural economic benefits will be continuously improved. It will also reduce the cost of moving the workers. In addition, accidents may occur in the process of stacking. dangerous.

There are three types of forklift trucks. One type is an internal combustion type forklift. It uses a diesel engine. It has strong power, high power, and can operate in bad weather. There is also a battery-type forklift, which uses a battery engine, no pollution, low noise, easy operation, and very convenient. The last is the warehouse forklift, which is mainly used for warehouses. Because of the site constraints of the warehouse, the body of the forklift is more compact and the models are not particularly large, so that they can be sensitively shuttled in the warehouse.

Everyone can choose different forklifts according to their different needs. I hope this article will give you a better understanding of the forklift and a better choice of forklift. Forklifts are a boon for many people because it can really facilitate people.

Trough type Mixing Machine is designed for thoroughly mixing powders or pastes. It is a horizontal Trough Type Mixer with single stirring arm. The stirring arm is removable so that is Easy to Clean. The part is surfaces which may touch the mixing materials are made of stainless steel, So they are good corrosion - resistant ,the mixing trough can automatically reverse for discharge and the missing time can be automatically controlled.

Main Application

As a stainless steel horizontal mixer, the machine is suitable for the mixing of target materials in powder or paste state evenly in pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries.

Working Method

By driving of mechanism of the mixer, the stir paddle turns the target material to and fro to mix it evenly. Electric control is applied to set the mixing time and the mixer will stop automatically when time is up, so as to improve the mixing effect of materials.

Trough Mixier

Trough Mixier

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