Sealing machine is not strong reasons for sealing?

Sealing is not one of the common faults of the continuous sealing machine. The sealing does not have three meanings: 1 The sealing position of the bag cannot be closed; 2 The bag mouth is sealed under the pressure of the sealing knife, but it is squeezed slightly or Tear-peeling and sealing cracked again; 3 When the peeling test was performed at the sealing area, half of the seals were firmly sealed and half separated. The sealing quality of the bag was still unacceptable because the contents were squeezed during storage and transportation. Easy to miss. This situation often occurs when the composite lining is OPP and blow molded PE.

The main causes of the first type of failure are the following.

(1) The heat seal temperature is not enough

Under normal circumstances, the composite bag with OPP as the material, when the total thickness of the bag is 80 ~ 90μm, the heat sealing temperature should reach 170 ~ 180 °C; the total thickness of the bag made of PE with the compound bag is 85 ~ 100μm When the temperature should be controlled at 180 ~ 200 °C. As long as the total bag thickness increases, the heat seal temperature must be increased accordingly.

(2) Heat sealing speed is too fast

The lack of sealing is also related to the speed of the sealing machine. If the speed is too fast, the seal is still heated in the future and it is transported to the cold pressure place by the pulling roller for cooling. Naturally, the heat sealing quality is not achieved.

(3) The cold pressure rubber wheel is not suitable

There is one on each side of the cold-compression rubber wheel, and the pressure between them must be moderate. When adjusting the pressure, only the spring needs to be clamped.

(4) Problems with heat seal film quality

Sealing seals are also not related to the quality of the heat-seal film. If the corona treatment of the composite lining is not uniform, the effect is not good, and it happens to occur at the seal, and it cannot be sealed. This situation is rare, but once it appears, the product must be scrapped. Therefore, in the color printing and packaging industry, it is the next process to supervise the previous process. Once quality problems are discovered, the causes must be analyzed and resolved in a timely manner.

If there is moisture and dirt in the seal, the seal will be loose.

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