1, switch-type electric actuators Switch-type electric actuators are also known as open-loop control type electric actuators, this actuator in the implementation of the valve operation only open and close two actions, that is, only the valve is fully open Or all off the state. Switching electric actuators cannot control the amplitude of the valve switch and therefore cannot accurately control the flow of the medium. There are two types of switch-type electric actuators: split structure and integral structure.

2. Adjustable electric actuators Adjustable electric actuators are also called closed-loop control electric actuators. In addition to the control functions of the valve switch, this type of actuator can also accurately control the valve opening amount to achieve The precise control of the medium flow. Adjustable electric actuators are divided into electric open type electric actuators and electric type electric actuators in the form of work.

The SHAANXI spare truck parts cover all the SHAANXI SHACMAN serial truk parts. Our main product cover: SHAANXI SHAMAN  F2000/F3000/M3000/X3000/L3000 and etc. We can provide you the realiable quality and best price truck parts to maintance your after market service. Our main product:

- Electrical Parts: ECU, CBCU, speedmeter, crankshaft speed sensor; temperature sensor and etc;

cabin assy and cabin accessory; Headlamp, taillamp, bumper, front cover, door and glass;

- Chassis Parts; sun gear, brake pad, clutch plate, bearing, differential, PTO, and axle;

- transmission parts; transmission shaft, universal joint, steering pump, clutch booster and brake pedal;

- Engine Parts; cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, oil seal, connection rod bearing, starter, injection pump, oil pump, water pump, air filter, oil filter and fuel filter;

- other spare parts. Curtain, roof, water tank, radiator, inter cooler and ect.


f3000 cabin

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