Metrology technology 2000. 叱 5 small production and small improvement clever repair vernier caliper arc inner claw Xu Xiang Jiangsu Hai'an County Technical School, Hai'an 226600 repair. When checking the claws in the caliper arc, it is all seen in the process. The above methods are cumbersome to read.
The outer diameter micrometer has a low accuracy in the measurement of the full length of the claw, which affects the working efficiency.
The amount is determined by determining whether the size of the claw and the parallelism of the arc are equal to each other according to the claw of the caliper. The lever micrometer can be used for measurement. As long as the lever micrometer is rotated in the direction of the 2 arrow when measuring, it can be judged whether the claw of the arc of the caliper is worn into a prism shape according to the change of the value on the disc, and the edge can be found according to the value. . Intuitive, convenient, and interested comrades can try!
Ding-in type motor inter-turn pressure tester often fails and repairs Qi Guocai Henan set as the Yueshan Locomotive Depot, Jiaozuo City 454493 barrier light is not good.
The work-in-type motor turn-to-turn voltage tester is mainly used to detect the inter-turn voltage and turn-to-turn short-circuit fault of the DC motor armature coil, and is especially suitable for detecting the 01-insulation state of the single-turn armature coil with a relatively low impedance value. Waveless devices are not required to observe the waveform for judgment, and the motor insulation is not damaged during the detection, so it is widely used in railway electromechanical and other industries. Based on the work practice in the past few years, the author talks about the treatment of the instrument's common faults for reference by peers.
When the fault is turned on, the instrument power indicator light is on, adjust the voltage adjustment knob, press the operation button on the probe box, this fault does not need to rush to open the instrument panel, but should turn off the power first, unplug the connection wire between the probe box and the instrument. Use the universal test to test whether the seven wires are turned on, just like a certain wire is disconnected. If all the seven wires are turned on, it may be that the armature in the probe box falls out of the groove and is stuck, unable to pick up, open the probe box, and adjust the position to work normally.
If none of the above two questions are asked, it can be determined that the fault indicates that the bulb is broken and can be replaced.
Fault fault means the light is on.
Can Ke Tunyi turn over, touch the toe dish and scream to rub the source. , metering technology 2000., 5 often, Ding can be 3 board fault fingerboard 1 force potentiometer out slightly with a screwdriver to spin the test is still not good, it may be the pole tube 30 or integrated block person 12 damage.
First use the universal clothing to detect, 212 each foot card is normal normal voltage 2 feet for 10.3 feet for 0.56, 67 feet for 14, if normal, 212 is good. Then use the universal test drive pin voltage to recognize 03,0 when pressing the button on the probe box, the voltage should be generation, if the value does not match, you can determine 34 damage = if you enter 234 each pin pressure Often without damage, the universal test preamplifier 3; 6 or the output pole tube 3; 1303; 6, the foot is damaged or not, the light is not bright, and the probe box has no beat sound. 3006 or 304 戌 is used for testing to determine that the pole tube is damaged, and then the replacement is the fault peak straight full deviation, that is, the pointer hits the head.
First check the 1 board regulated power supply board to see if the 1424 is normal. If it is normal, it will not ask. Then check the 2 plate beat, the peak refers to whether the universal detector 3, 23 is 0, if not, the adjustable 6.8 potentiometer, if still can not be 4, you can check the preamplifier 321 or 3 sink 23, see if the pin voltage is 1 normal value, the former is, =0, = as normal, the pipe is intact. Then use the voltage of the 7th pin of the 10,000 check. Whether it is zero, if not zero, can be achieved by adjusting the 2.21 potentiometer. If it is still not zero, then the damage should be replaced with a multi-purpose repair example Zhang Zhenyou Shengli Petroleum Bureau pure beam technical inspection station, Boxing 2556041. Taitian 3800 digital universal use, because the use of not. 1. Geng knot open road, road, wide 1 dispatch! When the transfer switch is turned to the level tube and the conduction detection file, the red pen has a beeping sound by hand, and the two short-circuit sounds stop. When the current is detected again, it is abnormal. Using the shorting method, the reference power supply is shorted to the input pin, and will be dialed to the DC voltage 2nd gear, and it is found that the display device is not the reference power supply voltage, so it is determined that the human 0 converter is damaged. The person 0 converter model is 92015, the market is more difficult to buy, after checking the information, you can use the usual 7106 or 7136, directly replaced. Remove the 920 and replace it with the replacement chip, and remove the short wiring of the Na and the foot, power on the test, and use the standard calibration before use.
Taiwan, the 890 type of universal use, the power supply is displayed 1888, all files are not working. When checking the size of the printing plate, it was found to burn black at 271. This indicates that the fault is caused by the misdetection of the pole tube file. The benchmark card was tested to be 4.56, indicating that the sink 7106 was also damaged, and no abnormalities were found in the replacement of 7106. When the decimal point drive block 004030 is removed, the troubleshooting is performed. Replace, 4030, re-adjust the reference voltage. At least 930 type or higher accuracy should be used for adjustment. In addition, 4030 can also be used directly for 4030. When the shift is easy to occur, the inner sliding arm sets the ball to slip off. At this point, the system can be modified. Specifically, the position of the sliding arm is removed, and then the ball is removed. The needle reed is bent downward with the needle-nosed pliers, so that the contact maintains the position of the original ball pressing point, and finally Apply a little butter to each gear and refit the sliding arm. Practice has proved that the effect is very good.
When measuring the feet of the integrated block, the pen easily causes a short circuit between the two legs and damages the integrated block. At this time, it can be improved to find the root pen, the needle of the pen is rounded into a semicircle, the large needle is welded on the seven sides of the needle, and the sleeve is tightly sleeved on the needle to expose only the needle tip. When measuring the value of each pin of the integrated chip, change the pen, no matter how it slides, it will not cause two feet, electricity, å’†, 1 fault + change. The disk is partially shorted. Make it convenient.

Airless Paint Sprayer

Airless paint sprayer gives a smooth layer of coating over surfaces that is practically impossible to achieve using a brush or roller.

Airless Sprayer has a pump that forces paint up a hose and out of a Spray Gun through a very small tip. The nozzle on the end of the spray gun creates a fan pattern of paint onto a surface.  The tip size, as well as the pressure level, dictates the rate of paint flow.

According to the power type, it can be divided into Electric Airless Paint Sprayer, Gas Powered Airless Sprayers, Pneumatic Airless Sprayers, Hydraulic Airless Sprayers...

HVBAN exported 13 years of airless paint sprayers and original spare parts for Graco / Wagner / Titan.

We will offer kinds of spray paint machines and better after-sales service.

Airless Paint Sprayer

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