Based on, 1 single-chip screw air compressor controller university Zhang Xuling Zhao Wu Tang Ai Minhe peripheral signal acquisition and amplification circuit, relay control circuit, keyboard scanning and liquid crystal display circuit, power supply circuit to complete. The coordination of the information module is introduced in the software. The experiment proves that the controller has the characteristics of high stability, reliable operation and strong anti-interference.

1 Introduction Screw air compressor is a kind of machine that uses compressed air to provide power. Due to the simple, efficient and reliable screw fluid compressor and direct fluid flow characteristics, it has been rapidly developed in recent years. The high-performance controllers that accompany them are getting more and more attention. Compared with traditional control systems. High performance controllers are highly automated. efficient. Have good advantages such as good human-computer interaction. The controller is the heart of the air compressor. The air compressor controllers on the domestic market are mostly foreign products, and the market is basically monopolized by foreign countries. At present, the controllers of Atlas in Sweden, CompAir in the United Kingdom, Ingersoll Rand in the United States, and Sullair in the United States basically occupy the entire domestic market. There are also domestic enterprises that produce air compressor controllers, but they are just getting started. At the same time, the controller wears a lot in the work, and the price of the foreign controller is very high, and it is inconvenient to maintain. Therefore, some enterprises are still using the relay to control the air compressor, which is not only a waste of resources for many enterprises in China. And financial resources have hindered the development of China's economy and enterprises. Therefore, it is of great significance to develop an air compressor controller that is cost-effective, stable in performance, and can meet user requirements.

In this paper, only the single-chip microcomputer is used as the main controller. In conjunction with peripheral circuits and software, controllers have been developed that meet the performance and requirements of current air compressor controllers.

2 controller design to collect temperature signal and pressure signal a total of 8 temperature signals have host exhaust temperature, Oil Separator temperature, cooling medium temperature. Host outlet temperature. Input voltage is 010, temperature range is 20.80 pressure signal organic group exhaust pressure, oil pressure partial pressure difference, air filter pressure difference, main engine oil pressure, input voltage is 1 switch quantity control motor main contactor, start contactor The normal operation of Zhang Xuling graduate student fund project provincial science and technology support plan 2007203024; provincial science and technology department science and technology platform project 06108 contactor, the parameter is 16 people 250 people solenoid valve, the emergency stop of the fan and the host, the parameters are the human machine interface mode Display, the human-machine interface includes dot matrix LCD, buttons, and indicators.

The power supply mode is internally powered and has a voltage of 55.

The communication has two communication ports of 3485 and 232, which can be used for remote monitoring and on-site debugging.

2.2 Controller hardware composition and principle Controller as the processing center in the air compressor control system, it monitors the air compressor requirements, and divides the hardware into signal acquisition function blocks, liquid crystal display function blocks, and switch input function blocks. Relay output control function block. The communication function block and power supply function are fast.

The hardware components such as the signals collected by 21 are input from the sensor interface and passed. After filtering, signal selection and signal amplification, the conversion module, after processing, the data processed by the 88520 is stored in the data memory and displayed on the liquid crystal when the operator wants to query and modify the data displayed on the liquid crystal. You can operate the buttons on the interface. A total of 8 buttons, using a matrix. The processing result is output through the relay, and controls the stop of the motor, the conversion of the type and the angle; the stop of the main engine and the fan; the loading and unloading of the solenoid valve. When the unit running parameters are wrong, the alarm light will be on, and the alarm will beep. When the controller can't handle it, the operator will shut down the unit urgently, and then restart after the processing. These switches are all realized on the switch quantity. When performing on-site debugging, it can be technically innovative, and the 0 machine is connected to the 3232 interface for operation. At the same time, the milk 485 remote monitoring interface is added, and the multi-machine linkage monitoring mode of simultaneously monitoring multiple air compressors can also be realized. The entire controller is internally powered and has a supply voltage of 55.

Taking into account the conversion and stability of the signal acquisition, the microcontroller selects the US 0188520, which integrates a 16-channel hinge converter, and two addressable USART modules supporting RS485 and RS232, simplifying the design. At the same time, its pins have anti-transient capability, which increases the stability of the system.

The signal selection chip selects the low voltage analog multiplexer 1 from the 4582, and its dual output signal pin increases the efficiency of signal acquisition. The signal amplifying chip selects 4 operational amplifier 运算03 operational amplifier 1 elbow 6484, which has low power consumption, high gain and rail-to-rail output characteristics, which enhances the accuracy and stability of the signal.

0.0. The conversion chip uses muscle 34063, which integrates the chip that converts the main function circuit. It can be designed to perform the functions of buck-boost and polarity change, and requires fewer external components. +5 conversion 5 select chip 7660.

2.3.2 Pressure signal acquisition circuit design Temperature signal 4 route platinum thermal resistance sensor input, pressure signal 4 channel silicon pressure sensor input. The following mainly introduces the pressure signal acquisition circuit, the pressure signal acquisition circuit 224 after the pressure signal is collected, 0104 input, first through the sink filter, then enter the low voltage analog multiplexer multiplexer elbow, 4582, the channel is selected by the pin And 8 determines, and the value of 8 is determined by the pulse of the single-chip ruler 03 and the ruler 04. When the person and the 8 receive the high-low pulse generated by the single-chip ruler and the ruler 04, the corresponding channel will be turned on. The signal will be selected to enter the amplifier circuit for amplification, and then enter the microcontroller to convert with 0 module. For example, when person 8 accepts 00 low level. Then, 0 and 0 are turned on, and the signal is passed, and output to the amplifying circuit. After the selected signal is amplified by 16484, it directly enters the corresponding pin in the 00-footer 03 of the single-chip microcomputer, and then there is a conversion module with 0 conversion. The converted data is calculated and processed by the single-chip microcomputer, and the full-scale circuit is used in the amplification circuit. Wave correction protection circuit, there are 10 on the input line! The resistor is implemented to prevent excessive voltage from entering the input of the amplifier through the falling of the resistor.

The relay output control is mainly used as a switch output, mainly to control the contactor and solenoid valve. Using 6 relays, the K01K03 relay is used to control the main contactor, the start contactor and the normal operating contactor. The K04K06 is used to control the main unit, fans and solenoid valves. The following mainly introduces the motor control circuit. The motor control circuit 23 is realized by the relay and the pole tube. Because the current of the 501503 parameter is large, it is added to its circuit, and the 0-type impedance capacitor of type 0 is used to suppress the interference. And instantaneous current, thus protecting the contactor. The left-end port 01 controls the main contactor stone 02 control start contactor 03 to control the normal operation of the contactor, and the right inlet is respectively connected to the RE3RE5 pin of the microcontroller.

After the collected data is processed, the MCU sends a high level to the K port of only 3 RE5 according to the processing result. The collector and emitter of the PNP transistor will be turned on, and the relay will be turned on and off. The corresponding control contactor is turned on, which serves to control the operation of the motor.

2.3.4 Power circuit design The power supply adopts the 0021 electric unit combination instrument 2, DC power supply. The advantage of this power supply is that each unit saves the power supply voltage device, and no power frequency power supply enters the unit instrument, which not only solves the problem of heat generation of the instrument, but also It provides favorable conditions for the explosion protection of the instrument. The external input 24 DC voltage enters the conversion circuit, and after the elbow is converted, the voltage is converted to +5, and then the voltage is changed to 5 voltage through 7660.

When the circuit is working, the maximum current is 0.4 amps and the maximum current is 0.02 amps. Power circuit 242.4 software design In order to simplify and coordinate the software, the software adopts the module mode, and completes the operation through coordination and communication between the modules. There are a total of MCU initialization module, LCD module, communication module, button scanning module 40 conversion module and especially control module.

The realization of the monitoring function is achieved by the mutual coordination of these modules, and the coordination of the modules is realized through the information base. The information base is mainly used to store information about the coordination module. By calling the stored information from the information base to compare with each parameter in the running, the alarm or stop operation is responded to when the set value is reached, thereby realizing the monitoring function. After booting, the microcontroller initializes first, and then recalls the last data from the repository. And compared with the set value, if it exceeds or falls below the set value, the control module issues an instruction to prohibit starting the host, and then restarts when the parameter reaches the normal value, if it is within the normal value, the host is started. After starting, the value of the 0-converted parameter is always monitored and processed, and then processed by amplification and conversion. Finally, the values ​​are sent to the corresponding modules in the information base. Each module processes and executes the corresponding function by the module with the same value according to the parameters set by itself and the key value. If yes, the value is within the set range, then continue to run the processing, otherwise it will be processed according to the module function. Software flow such as 254 rating field, 00 female, technical innovation 3 conclusion combined with peripheral signal acquisition and amplification circuit, relay control circuit, keyboard scanning and liquid crystal display circuit, external power supply circuit to design a stable monitoring controller, This controller not only has simple circuit, high stability, high acquisition accuracy, but also can realize remote control, which can provide stable and reliable power for many machines with poor environment and high power. The experiment proves that the controller has high real-time signal acquisition, and the anti-interference ability of the hardware part and the reliability of the software part are very high.

Innovation point 1. Adopt, busy 188520 single chip as the controller core; 2. Using chip, human, 4582 and 06484 to design a stable, high precision signal acquisition system.

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610065Chengdu University School of Manufacturing Science and Engineering Zhang Xuling Zhao Wutang Aimin Communication Address 610065 University of Manufacturing Science and Engineering 071 Master Zhang Xu led your thesis to the academician of the two institutes concerned about embedded software application technology innovation

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