Schaeffler Group, the world's leading supplier of comprehensive automotive and industrial products, will open up a new attitude to the Chinese truck market. Yang Hanbing, president of Schaeffler's automotive division in Greater China, said on a few days ago: "The Schaeffler Group has leading products and solutions in the chassis, gearbox and engine sectors of trucks, and it can become a reliable partner for heavy truck and commercial vehicle companies in China. ”

Schaeffler Greater China Truck Team
Schaeffler Greater China Truck Team

On May 26, 2015, the "Schaeffler-China Sinotruk Technical Conference" was held in Jinan, where China National Heavy Truck Group Co., Ltd. (China National Heavy Duty Truck) was located. At the exchange meeting, Schaeffler's products cover the truck chassis (cylinder hub bearing units, low-friction tapered roller bearings, etc.), transmissions (gearbox bearings, damping and clutch products, etc.) and engines (variable cam positive Time system, valve mechanism, accessory transmission, etc.) three major systems, including many star products and technologies, such as the 2014 PACE Award with centrifugal pendulum shock absorber technology, millions of kilometers of maintenance-free card wheel hub bearing units and Axle main bearings etc. Prior to May 19, Schaeffler also held the "Schaeffler-Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Technical Conference" in Wuhan.

According to IHS forecasts, the global truck market will maintain a compound annual growth rate of approximately 3.2% between 2014 and 2024, with India and Eastern Europe having the highest growth rates, and China being slightly below average. However, Schaeffler believes that there is great potential for upward growth in the Chinese truck market. Specifically, fuel consumption, emissions, safety and driving comfort are key factors.

Under the strategic vision of the Group's Mobility for tomorrow, Schaeffler is committed to the development of lower friction, higher efficiency and better cost automotive bearing products and future-oriented mechatronic solutions .

At the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show, Schaeffler exhibited the FAG maintenance-free card hub bearing unit, which has been used in mass production for more than 10 years in many continents of the world and can achieve a service life of more than 1 million kilometers. By optimizing the design of raceways, rollers and seals, friction can be effectively reduced, fuel savings of 3,000 litres can be achieved for 1 million kilometers, and it has been verified by a brand of 6×2 trucks. By reducing the contact stress, optimizing the internal design and increasing the dynamic load of the bearing, the main bearing of the low-friction commercial vehicle axle can reduce the friction by more than 40% compared with the existing products, effectively reducing the cost.

Schaeffler believes that reducing friction and optimizing costs is not only beneficial to truck operators, but also helps reduce the overall carbon dioxide emissions of society and contributes to eliminating haze and improving the environment. Schaeffler has adopted a lightweight design in the wheel bearing design. Taking the FAG maintenance-free card wheel hub bearing unit as an example, the 6x4 tractor can reduce the weight by more than 65 kg, and the 8 to 12 meter passenger car can reduce the weight by more than 40 kg, effectively reducing Emissions, improve fuel economy.

According to Yang Hanbing, president of the Schaeffler Automotive Division in Greater China, Schaeffler has established supply and cooperation with many major domestic automakers such as China FAW, Sinotruk, Shaanxi Auto and Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle for more than a decade. relationship. Schaeffler's production line for wheel hub bearings at the Nanjing production base is scheduled to start production this year, with an annual output of 500,000 sets. In the face of product upgrades and export requirements, Schaeffler is confident that it will bring the most advanced, most reliable and most suitable products, solutions, technical support and after-sales services to domestic truck manufacturers, and work together to achieve a win-win situation.

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