The global printing machinery industry UP!UP!

In 2014~2017, the installed capacity of digital presses will exceed 40,000 in the world. Among them, the high quality, high productivity, and high stability of digital presses are among the main reasons that companies use them to replace traditional printing equipment.

According to a survey released by Smithers Pine, the total value of the global printing equipment market (specifically, new equipment) will reach US$22.7 billion in 2017, despite the peak of 25.3 billion US dollars in 2007. There is still a certain gap between the ratios, but it is not easy for this market to come out of the trough after the economic crisis and maintain an average annual growth rate of 1.6% between 2013 and 2017.

The research report titled “2017 Global Printing Equipment Market Forecast” comprehensively analyzes the global printing equipment market from the aspects of technology and sales trends, and forecasts the development prospects of the printing equipment market in more than 20 countries around the world.

In the report, Smithers Pineau pointed out that the growth momentum of the global printing equipment market mainly comes from the value-added functions of analog and digital printing equipment, rather than the traditional lithographic, flexographic or gravure printing equipment. A new generation of presses is more efficient than older generations of machines, and its automation and control systems can also significantly simplify the operation of the press. Most printing companies will choose to replace two to three older devices with a brand new press. In addition, the high quality, high productivity, and high stability of digital presses have also become the main reason why companies use them to replace traditional printing equipment. Between 2014 and 2017, the installed capacity of digital presses will exceed 40,000 units worldwide.

In 2012, the installed capacity of digital and analog printing presses will be around 1.1 million units worldwide, and by 2017, this figure will increase to 1.2 million units. During this period, the installed capacity of analog presses remained basically stable, while the installed capacity of digital presses will continue to grow.

Digital printing equipment with inkjet and electrophotographic technology at its core will be the most important branch of the printing equipment supply market. Its market share will increase from 14.2% in 2007 to 32.5% in 2017. At the same time, more and more analog printing equipment and prepress system suppliers will enter the digital printing field.

From a regional perspective, China, Brazil, India and Russia will become the countries with the strongest purchasing power for new equipment. Although sheet-fed presses are still the leader in the printing equipment market, the restructuring and bankruptcy of some German printing press giants have also indicated that European, North American and Japanese countries have reduced the demand for traditional presses. Companies such as Komori, Heidelberg, and Manroland have signed contracts with Landa Corporation. The joint development of digital printing presses once again proves to us that with the change in market demand, the era of lithographic printing and dominating the world will soon be over.

Sheet Metal Box

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