There are many conditions for the growth and development of vegetables that require the environment. The first is the temperature. A certain temperature difference between day and night is an important temperature range to ensure the normal growth of vegetables. In the greenhouse cultivation process, staged temperature management is always promoted. There are many ways to regulate greenhouse temperatures, and it is well known that carbon dioxide has a greenhouse effect and is also a gas necessary for crop growth. The growth of vegetables requires oxygen for respiration and carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. Therefore, the gas conditioning in the greenhouse is mainly to try to change the content of oxygen and carbon dioxide. How to make carbon dioxide in greenhouses suitable for the growth of vegetables requires effective analysis using carbon dioxide detectors.

According to the CO2 measurement, it was found that the adjustment of carbon dioxide is generally 0.1% for the photosynthesis, and only 0.03% for the atmospheric carbon dioxide. Therefore, if other conditions are appropriate, appropriate artificial supplementation of carbon dioxide can promote photosynthesis and increase vegetable yield. At present, in addition to ventilation, it is common to burn briquettes or oil to release carbon dioxide in the shed. However, attention should be paid to the quality of combustion. If combustion does not completely release toxic gases. In addition, artificial supplemental carbon dioxide is less effective at low temperature and low light conditions. The greater the light intensity, the faster the carbon dioxide concentration increases. The easiest way is to apply organic fertilizer, which can increase soil nutrient and carbon dioxide content in the greenhouse, and it serves two purposes.

The use of carbon dioxide detectors to detect the gas content in the greenhouse to take appropriate control measures can have a multiplier effect. In addition to controlling the carbon dioxide content, it is also necessary to effectively adjust the oxygen content. Oxygen regulation in greenhouses is mainly achieved through ventilation and cultivating loose soil. In addition, the application of organic fertilizer and granular fertilizer is an effective method to regulate the oxygen content in the soil.

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