Just sit at home, open the phone, you can easily call a Mercedes-Benz, BMW, the driver will arrive in advance, there are free drinks and WIFI in the car... originally positioned in the high-end business car rental industry, also got the market It must be accepted that the daily average order has exceeded 100,000 copies. The Beijing Municipal Commission of Communications issued the "Notice on the Prohibition of Car Rental Enterprises to Facilitate Illegal Operation", which refers directly to business car rental companies. The reason is that private cars are strictly prohibited from entering the operating market through the car rental company and the P2P rental car industry through the franchise model.
However, there is a big contradiction between supply and demand in reality. Take Beijing as an example, the number of taxis is controlled at 65,000, which has not increased in 10 years. In 2013, there were more than 2 million taxi rides per day and an annual increase of 20%. Each taxi driver needs to receive 30 to 40 passengers a day, 30 minutes per person, and they need to work for more than ten hours without a gap. This is not a factor of road congestion, resource inequality, and peak demand. The emergence of car rental companies was not satisfactory, and the lease licenses were also strictly controlled, with little increase. At present, Beijing has nearly 20,000 rentable cars, which are distributed in nearly 1,000 leasing companies. It is impossible to achieve centralized management and deployment. In addition, it is impossible to match the car, resulting in high vehicle idle rate and high maintenance costs. In addition, 5 million private cars are only driving 5% of the time each year, and more than 70% of them have only one driver. With the upper limit, the insufficient use of private cars directly led to the increase in the number of cars and the congestion of ground traffic.
If you can release part of the capacity of the private car, it is self-evident that the relief of travel is difficult. For example, there are 13,000 taxis in New York and about 40,000 cars. After the private car passes the information filing and ability assessment, it can get the car rental service with relevant qualifications. These car rentals can solve the 1.5 million passenger car demand for New York City every day.
The official reason for worrying about the operation of private cars is also very simple, nothing more than security issues, taxes and market order. Security for passengers, taxation considers national income and management costs, and market order means that the heart of a taxi driver cannot be injured. But what about the 100,000 "black cars" that have been repeatedly banned? It is better to manage it with a small block. The big transportation system really needs to be updated and upgraded, and the security and tax issues are not difficult to solve. As for the market order, the price difference between renting a car and taxis and public transportation is obvious. You don't have to worry too much about the problem of “grabbing passengers”. Enhancing competition is not a bad thing for the industry and the regulatory authorities.
On the other hand, many taxi companies in Beijing believe that the rapid development of business car rental has seriously affected the operation and profitability of taxis. A taxi company with 65,000 urban small car operating qualifications is the most dangerous subject in this revolution. Some people have calculated that relying on exclusive resources, the “money money” rented in Beijing has not changed for many years, and the net profit is about 3,000 yuan per month. With a fixed investment of 100,000 yuan for 8 years of operation, it can be returned in 3 years, and the comprehensive annual income is as high as 36%, which is much higher than other traditional industries.
In this employment relationship, taxi drivers have long been in a weak position, lacking bargaining power, and taking on greater pressure and risk. The phenomenon of refusal to load, fatigue driving, and bypassing is also repeated. The emergence of the business car rental industry has also provided some new options for some taxi drivers. Nowadays, in many areas of the social economy, the competitive advantages of emerging industries for traditionally advantageous enterprises are obvious. Innovation should be encouraged, although it cannot be lopsided, but it is not fair to ban the monopoly and ban the emerging industries that already have mature markets.

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Halogen Work Lamp

Halogen Work Lamp

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