According to incomplete data research on a website, consumer demand for mini-vehicle products has a trend of large-scale development. At the same time, light-guest users have a tendency to demand miniaturization, and the current auto market is to meet these two major trends. The models can be described as dazzling and dizzying, so many consumers have difficulties in choosing. This is not a bad car. After all, we have an opportunity for more choices and we have more rights to make decisions on our own. Among the numerous brands and models, today Xiaobian is going to introduce a model with excellent performance and affordable price - the Changan Starlight 4500.


Changan Starlight 4500 uses the European and American popular safety body, using the digital design concept carefully cast, agglomerate 42 patent essence, the main and passive comprehensive security, access control interior technology, integration of economy, practicality, rights to build long wheelbase, can A bag of high-quality, new-economy business vehicles satisfying the needs of business vehicles, urban logistics vehicles, and self-use trucks. Compared with conventional micro-cars, Changan Starlight 4500 has exceeded the scope of conventional micro-vehicles in terms of appearance size and loading capacity. It has more powerful loading capacity than conventional micro-vehicles, and has the ability to load light passenger cars and the economy of micro-substances. type.

In terms of the design of the vehicle, there are three highlights that we absolutely cannot ignore: The savage front face shape: The crystal-clear and divine front combination lamp is integrated with the large silver chrome grille, and the strong bumper and front cover The sculpted shape of the board is inconsistent with the change of the overall styling lines, and it is full of rough and mad style; the tough side sash line: the side relief lines running through the front and rear wheel eyebrows, and the smoothness and stretch of the lines change, making the car more rigid and dynamic. The high-end split-type back door: the open-back back door design of the European and American wagons, the back door opening method is flexible, light and maximizes the convenience of carrying.

Of course, there are more than three highlights, and look at the small series for you to explain:

Loading function: The body length is 4.4 meters and the number of seats is 7-11, which is equivalent to the loading function of general light buses.

Economical and practical: The price of minivans is low, the use cost is low, the idle rate is low, and it is more economical and practical.

Chassis function: The cross section of the girder increases, the material is thicker, and the carrying capacity of the chassis reaches the level of a light passenger car.

Safety performance: front wheel front, front tires and girders can effectively absorb and reduce the impact on the cockpit.

Therefore, whether you are an individual user transporting building decoration materials, or transporting agricultural and sideline products, daily-use department stores, or you are a unit user, use freight logistics, employee commuter cars, or business reception, Chang'an Xingguang 4500 is your only choice. Choice!

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