The super-large electric passenger car is based on the traditional car technology to transform the molding technology of the traditional car, scientifically and comprehensively transform it into an accessory product and molding technology that meets the characteristics and technical requirements of the electric car. On the basis of the original electric vehicle, its carrying capacity is strengthened, mainly through traction. The use of new materials, new processes, new structures, and new functions in super-large electric passenger vehicles has formed electric vehicles with different uses. Super-large electric buses use advanced batteries with advanced technology, and are equipped with electric motors and drives to increase the energy supply level and make them more time-consuming.


Electric buses have undergone a transition from ordinary fuel vehicles to environmentally friendly vehicles that use electricity. There are the first vulgar electric vehicles to commercial electric vehicles that have been put into use to form electric buses, reducing emissions, and making full use of energy resources, avoiding the waste of resources, but also more in line with the ecological concept of low-carbon travel. . The rapid development of the power battery has the strength of industrialization will become an important direction for the development of the automotive industry, the traditional power problem can not completely solve the environment and energy issues. Fuel cell vehicles are new technology products for future applications. Energy-saving and emission-reduction mainly depend on the working ability of the engine. Therefore, the reform of the energy engine will also affect the future development of new low-carbon energy vehicles. Electric energy vehicles have entered the era of commercialization. How to grasp high-end science and technology in this era will stand at the vantage point of the market. The energy selection of ultra-large electric buses is more cost-saving. China's domestic power generation technology is quite mature, and a large number of points are in waste. The energy sources of electric buses are also more diversified.

However, at present, the use of ultra-large electric buses in China is still relatively low. Most cities still rely on traditional large-size passenger cars. Only in a few relatively developed cities will there be ultra-large electric passenger cars. However, the western developed countries, including the United States, Japan, South Korea, and most Western European countries, as early as a few years ago, super-large electric buses have become a member of the public transportation industry. Although the production technology of China's electric buses has matured, it will take a long time for China to achieve the popularity of super-large railless electric buses. Due to the immature battery technology and large investment in charging infrastructure, it also contributes to the development of super-large electric buses. Brought many challenges.

Although science and technology have changed lives, although China’s current technology in the production of super-large electric buses is not high-end, China’s low-carbon environmental protection concept is deeply rooted in people’s minds, which will provide powerful impetus for the development of super-large electric buses. If a company wants to survive for a long time, It is necessary to produce high-quality products that are marketable, and to find a balance between manufacturing costs and high-end technologies. This will lead our country’s automotive industry to a new direction. This road will also be the new development of passenger cars in the future. direction.

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