When it comes to pump trucks, many new riders will feel unfamiliar and do not know how to choose a pump truck. There are even a few riders who do not know what a pump pump is? Of course, this can not blame everyone, after all, special vehicles, use and penetration rate is relatively low. Today Xiao Bian talked to everyone about a pump truck. First of all, for everyone to popularize what is a pump.


The oil pump is a common downhole device driven by a pumping unit to pump crude oil from the well into the ground. Ordinary pump is mainly composed of four parts: pump cylinder, suction valve, piston and exhaust valve. According to the fixing method of the oil pump in the well, it can be divided into a tube pump and a rod pump.

Tubular pump, also known as tubing pump, is characterized in that the outer cylinder, the bushing and the suction valve are assembled on the ground and connected to the lower part of the tubing and then enter the well. Then the piston with the discharge valve is pumped into the pump through the tubing through the tubing. in. The tubular pump has a simple structure and a low cost. The diameter of the pump that is allowed to enter under the same tubing diameter is larger than that of the rod pump, and therefore the displacement is large. However, when the pump is inspected, it must be used as a lower oil pipe and the workover volume is large. Therefore, it is suitable for a well with a low pump depth and high output.

Rod-type oil pump is also called insert pump. The fixed-type top fixed-rod pump features internal and external two-rod oil pump. The upper end of the external cylinder is equipped with a cone seat and a retainer (the position of the retainer is the depth of the lower pump. ) When the pump is down, the outer cylinder is first run into the well with the tubing, and then the inner working cylinder with the sleeve and the piston is connected to the outer cylinder under the sucker rod and fixed by the retainer. There is also a fixed-bottom fixed-rod pump with a fixed point at the bottom of the pump cylinder and a fixed-rod type bottom-pumped pump with a piston fixed at the bottom and a pump rod driving the pump cylinder up and down.

Knowing what a pump is, pumping a pump to a truck is better understood, plainly, that is to say, a truck used to transport a pump. Is this not particularly easy to understand? Yes, it is a truck used to transport oil pumps. Which factors should you consider when choosing a pump truck? Xiao Bian thinks that there are two points that are the primary considerations.

Load capacity: The load factor is the first factor you need to consider. Before purchasing a car model, you need to know the weight, length, height, etc. of the pump. Generally speaking, your car must be able to bear your pump. The weight can not be overloaded, safety first.

Manufacturers: Must choose large manufacturers, regular manufacturers, so that the quality can be reliable, all kinds of after-sales will be timely, it is generally known that if there is a failure of the truck on the way, fast and timely after-sales response will reduce your losses.

With regard to the oil pump transporter, if you need to know more details, or you need help, you can always contact the staff of China Automotive Network. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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