In March of this year, China's first LED automatic stamping line was completed and put into production in Xuancheng Economic and Technological Development Zone, which became another highlight of Xuancheng Enterprise's technological innovation. From 20 workers producing 600 to 800 lamp panels in 8 hours, and 2 workers producing 5000 lamp panels in 8 hours, the use of the first LED automatic stamping line has become Anhui Haiwei Company to save costs, improve efficiency and improve product quality. Great engine.
Since the establishment of the company in Xuancheng in 2009, Haiwei has been very focused on technology research and development and innovation. The ever-changing market demand has made the company's chairman Cao Zhengquan realize that young and exquisite technology development team, advanced concepts, quality products and innovation. The mechanism, loyal service, and scientific management are the driving force behind the survival and development of the company. Only by focusing on the core products and placing them in the core market can the company continue to grow, and the first domestic LED automatic press line is developed under such background and concept. After a period of research and development, in the second half of last year, the first domestic LED automatic press line was successfully developed and put into production in Haiwei. Subsequently, the company's scientific and technological innovation continued: At the beginning of this year, the company put into use the second automatic spraying line and the pre-processing automatic line, about 2 million yuan; four automatic assembly lines (robots), about 3.5 million yuan; other automation equipment, about 1 million yuan. Nissan 5000 盏 flat lamp surface coating all self-solving, each 盏 can reduce the production cost of about 8 yuan.
Before the end of 2013, the company was mainly engaged in the production of LED outdoor lighting, such as LED street lights, tunnel lights, etc. In fact, in the second half of last year, we have been transforming products and gradually developing indoor lighting. Cao Ruoyang, general manager of the company, said. LED flat light is an indoor lighting product, mainly used in office buildings, hotels, shopping malls and home lighting. The market capacity is very large. The important thing is that through the production process analysis, the product can realize full automation and large-scale production, greatly reducing production. Cost, a price advantage in entering the market. Today, Anhui Haiwei is constantly strengthening its independent design, with innovative thinking and strong comprehensive strength, rapidly rising in the highly competitive LED lighting industry, forming an annual output of various high-quality LED products worth 300 million, with various technology patents. 72 pieces, independent innovation up to 90 or more. (Xuancheng Daily Li Chengzhi)

A series of devices used to change or keep a car moving or backward is called a car Steering System.

The function of the steering system is to control the driving direction of the vehicle according to the wishes of the driver. Car steering system is very important to the safety of vehicle, so the auto parts of steering system are called security parts. Automobile steering system and Braking System are two systems that must be paid attention to in automobile safety.

Automotive steering system is divided into two categories: mechanical steering system and Power Steering system.
The steering system, which is entirely controlled by the driver's hand force, is called a mechanical steering system.

The steering system manipulated by force is called the power steering system. Power steering system can be divided into hydraulic power steering system and electric power steering system, as well as pneumatic power steering system.

Steering System

Steering System

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