China's largest chemical equipment exhibition will be held in Shanghai
The 6th Shanghai Chemical Equipment Exhibition will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from August 26th to 28th, 2014. It is understood that the exhibition area will be expanded to 35,000 square meters. It is the largest chemical equipment exhibition in China and attracts 450 countries and regions in the United States, France, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Enterprises come to the exhibition, the exhibition will focus on the display of high-performance, specialization, environmental protection and safety of fine chemical technology equipment and products.
According to reports, after five years of rapid development, the Shanghai Chemical Equipment Exhibition has been increasing year by year in terms of exhibition area, number of exhibitors, buyer purchase groups, etc. The exhibition has been highly praised and favored by well-known domestic and foreign exhibitors and professional visitors. The chemical industry equipment industry promoted the preferred show.
Qingshui Xuemin, general manager of Dalian Imperial Shielding Electric Pump Co., Ltd., said: This is an annual event of the chemical industry. We participated in this exhibition and we have learned a lot. We feel that the facilities of Shanghai Chemical Equipment Exhibition are perfect, and the organizing committee's work is also organized. In order, we hope to be able to come up with the best products to meet the needs of customers in different regions and different industries. This is also our company's constant pursuit and goals.
Lu Bin, general manager of Suzhou Neway Valve Co., Ltd. stated that professional exhibitions have always been our company's choice. This time it is a great honour to be able to participate in the Shanghai Chemical Equipment Exhibition held by Zhenwei Exhibition Group. Valves produced by our company are widely used. All fields of chemical industry are consistent with the exhibition contents of this exhibition. Participating in the exhibition can open up our market vision and we are very satisfied with the overall effect of this exhibition.
Wu Zhiming, chairman of Jiangsu Huada Centrifuge Co., Ltd., said: This year's CTEF Shanghai Chemical Equipment Exhibition is focusing on quality, brand and service. The audience and the buyers' organization are also in place. We are recognized for the scale and effect of the exhibition. We hope to see the future. The exhibition is getting bigger and bigger, becoming an indispensable indicator of the industry. Our company will continue to support the Shanghai Chemical Equipment Exhibition.
According to Jiang Guiyan, Chairman of Shandong Jingjin Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd., the exhibition is one of the more direct and effective promotion methods. Our company is also willing to devote energy to some quality and large-scale chemical industry exhibitions. CTEF Shanghai Chemical Equipment Exhibition is Our company's preferred exhibition in the chemical industry, because there are many upstream and downstream suppliers closely related to us, so this exhibition is still worth participating.
Mr. Guo Xianzhong, general manager of Shanghai Meileke Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd., said: It is an honor to participate in the Shanghai Chemical Equipment Exhibition held by Zhenwei Exhibition. Our company provides solutions and equipment for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, plastic and other industries in this area. The exhibition attracted a lot of customers' attention. This year has been our company's fourth consecutive year of exhibition. We hope that the CTEF Shanghai Chemical Equipment Exhibition will become better and better in the future, providing our exhibitors with more excellent services and achieving mutual win.
Up to now, Shanghai Chemical Equipment Exhibition has attracted the participation of many well-known enterprises. The internationally renowned companies include Honeywell, Iger Fluid, Alfa Laval, Mischwil, Ford Industries, Sulzer, Dover, Blue. Pa valve, Rui Shaer, Dalian Empire, Navigat, China Repin Rock, Japan Walka, Geyee, fly tide filter, France Deco, Germany Rhine. The well-known domestic companies include Shengu Group, Nanfang Pumps, Jingjin Environmental Protection, Huada Centrifuge, Taijia Electromechanical, Changzhou Xinde, Shanghai Merlot, Tianda Beiyang, Toyo Carbon, Shanghai Weizer, Wuxi Gade , Hangzhou Tianshan, Zhaosheng Group, Xicun Powder, Tianjin Jungeyu, Guangzhou Disheng, Baoji Shoushan, Nanjing Wuzhou, Highland, Daoichi, Inot, Huari Fluor, Delan Energy, Menger, Kaseflon, Cyrolin, Esper, Shanghaifeng, Adler Valve, Shanghai Bingyuan, Aotiancheng Machinery, Qijiang Machinery, Sifang Electric Pumps, Zibo Vacuum Pumps, Olfo Filters, Hugang Vacuum Pumps, Shanghai Wozheng Electromechanical Co., Ltd., Shengzhong Ceramic Valves, Zhongxing Shiqiang, Kaichuang Valves, Zhejiang Flumet, Heineda Fluid, Hangzhou Fair Filtration, Boyeng Drive, Jiangyin Tongyue, Tong Youshun etc. Take the lead.
At the current stage, large-scale chemical equipment enterprises in China are accelerating their self-adjustment and gradually find their own position in the critical period of the restructuring and transformation of the chemical industry. They have entered a mature stage of development, displaying the latest technological achievements among enterprises and promoting the depth of supply and demand. Cooperation requires a high-end trading platform to bring together the latest domestic and international demonstration platforms for chemical equipment manufacturing technologies. Shanghai Chemical Equipment Exhibition is undoubtedly the best choice.

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