Aerial often work in harsh environment, it will cause big fuel consumption, it is not worth, here to tell you what should the proper use of aerial work platforms in order to achieve the effect of fuel-efficient

1. The slipping of the clutch on the aerial vehicle will cause the engine's revolution to be lost. When you find rapid acceleration aerial engine tachometer increased rapidly, but the increase is very slow speed, then the clutch slip may be determined.

Tip: Need to replace clutch plate, clutch platen and drive

2. If you find abnormal sounding of the wheels of the aerial vehicles during driving or starting, you should check the bearing and brake system for failure. If the wheels rotate abnormally, it will affect the speed of the vehicle and increase fuel consumption.

3. Check the wear level of the aerial tires. If the tires are worn badly, slipping will often occur, increasing fuel consumption.

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