Dongli Sprinklers of Hubei Chengli Special Purpose Vehicles Co., Ltd. can be equipped with advanced equipments such as sprinkling discs, drug pumps, anti-corrosion and anticorrosion in tanks, multi-directional water inlet and outlet connectors, solenoid valves, and pneumatic valves to meet different requirements. User needs.

1. Before starting the Dongfeng sprinkler pump, the gearbox gear oil level should be checked first. If the oil level is insufficient, it should be added. The oil level of the gearbox should be kept in the notch of the metering rod and must not be overstocked.

2. Before the Dongfeng sprinkler sprinkler pump is commissioned, the pump should be filled with liquid to prevent the pump from sucking or damaging the mechanical seal.

Third, check the Dongfeng sprinkler sprinkler pump rotating parts are stuck phenomenon.

Fourth, check the Dongfeng sprinkler sprinkler pump foot and the tightening nut loosening phenomenon.

Fifth, check the Dongfeng sprinkler suction pipe leaks.

6. Open the sprinkler intake valve and slightly open (do not open) the outlet valve.

7. After the start, pay attention to whether the steering of the Dongfeng Sprinkler is correct and whether there are abnormal sounds and vibrations.

8. After the Dongfeng Sprinkler Sprinkler Pump completes the self-priming process, the pointers of the pressure gauge and the vacuum gauge are stabilized. At this time, the outlet valve is adjusted so that the pressure gauge reads the indication in the required range to prevent overloading of the ambassador engine due to the start-up power, or The pump generates cavitation due to excessive flow.

Nine, in the process of careful operation of the sprinkler, the pump should reach or slightly exceed the rated speed as soon as possible after starting the pump, because a longer period of low-speed operation will extend the self-priming time, or even not self-priming tasks.

10. When the sprinkler stops working, the outlet valve should be closed gradually to stop the engine.

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