I. Project Overview

402103 Fully mechanized caving face conveyor The upper roller frame, H frame, longitudinal beam, idler, and each Fengshui pipeline, drainage pipeline, ladder road, etc. need to be recovered during the recovery period, in order to improve the ergonomics. To reduce the labor intensity of personnel and transport by belt conveyor, this safety technical measure is specially formulated.

Second, the transportation program

1, 402103 Yunshun Liquor will be classified into the tape conveyor, and transported to the 402103 Yunshun Measures Lane through the belt conveyor, transporting the well through the rubber wheel.

2. During the transportation of the articles by the belt conveyor, special personnel are sent along the way to observe the transportation of the transported objects.

3, 402103 Yunshun measures the location of the emergency stop device at the entrance of the road to arrange the special person responsible for stopping the belt conveyor.

Third, safety technical measures

1. All construction workers must carefully study this safety technical measure and sign it before participating in the construction.

2. The driver of the tape conveyor must undergo professional training and be certified to work.

3. Before transporting the materials, confirm that the belt conveyor is in good working condition, the signal locking system is intact, the other protection devices such as the belt protection must be sensitive and reliable, whether the belt buckle is intact and reliable, and whether the belt rollers are intact.

4. When loading and unloading the object on the belt conveyor, it is necessary to issue an early warning and press the button of the emergency stop device to ensure that the belt conveyor is in the locked state.

5. Before the belt conveyor transports the object, the speed of the belt conveyor should be adjusted to a low speed, the speed should not exceed 1.8m/s, and the transportation can be started after the low-speed test operation is normal.

6. Before transporting the object by the belt conveyor, it is necessary to arrange a special person to check whether the bridge, pipeline and pressure belt device along the way affect the material transportation. If the impact must be disassembled in advance, it can be transported after the disassembly is completed and the inspection has no effect.

7. Before the belt conveyor starts, it needs to issue a start alarm signal, and can start the operation after receiving the permission start signal.

8. The items transported by the belt conveyor are classified and transported. The upper and lower objects should be provided with lighting, communication and parking devices. Emergency stop devices must be provided along the way.

9. The width of the transported articles of the belt conveyor shall not exceed 1200mm, and the height shall not exceed 400mm (if the object is transported by the bridge, it must be removed in advance), and the distance between the objects shall not be less than 2m.

10. The objects on the belt conveyor must be placed smoothly. If it is not stable, place the skid under the material as needed.

11. During the operation of the belt conveyor driver, it is necessary to concentrate on preventing misoperation.

12. The operators who set up emergency stop devices along the way should concentrate their spirits and find that the belts are locked in an abnormal manner in time, and the transportation can be continued after the safety hazards are eliminated.

13, 402103 The operator of the conveyor belt is responsible for stopping the belt conveyor and pressing the emergency stop when the object is transported to about 20 meters away from the emergency stop.

14. When the belt conveyor transports materials, other operations are strictly prohibited on both sides of the belt conveyor.

15. When transporting materials through the belt conveyor, it is strictly forbidden to stop or pass people on each bridge. It is strictly forbidden to stand on the non-pedestrian side of the belt.

16. The items transported by the belt conveyor need to be classified and loaded to facilitate the regularization of the statistics.

17. The loaded vehicle is required to be bundled firmly. After confirmation, the 4021031 can be transported out of the road and the well is raised.

18. When the belt transports the pipeline, it is necessary to lay a soft material on the belt to prevent the pipeline from damaging the belt and the idler.

This measure does not involve matters in strict accordance with the "coal mine safety regulations" and the relevant provisions of the mining company.

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