Recently, as the world's leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms and telehandlers, JLG has announced that the BIM Compatible Product Library has been officially launched.


JLG Jie BIM Compatible Product Library

JLG is the first to combine the aerial work platform equipment with BIM technology to provide visual 3D simulation of the construction work of the aerial work platform for the Chinese construction industry practitioners, so that the design, construction, leasers and other personnel in the project can work together. Participate in high-altitude construction simulation exercises to provide them with optimized digital solutions for aerial work construction and maximize construction efficiency.

The development trend of BIM technology

The BIM Building Informatization Model is an intelligent three-dimensional model of data processing technology. Architects and engineers can use BIM as a tool to gain an in-depth understanding of the various stages of the construction project's life cycle.

According to statistics, half of the construction industry in North America currently uses BIM or BIM-related tools; in Europe, Japan and Hong Kong, BIM technology has been widely used in various types of real estate development, and BIM technology will lead the trend of building information technology. Higher level.

The global construction industry has generally agreed that BIM is a development trend and there will be more room for development in the future.

JLG's BIM-compatible product library sets the application model

The development of BIM overseas is booming, but the application of BIM in China has just started. This time, Jieerjie launched the building information model compatibility product library, which can be said to establish a model of application in the industry.

The newly launched JLG BIM aerial work platform compatible product library includes 47 products including straight arm type aerial work platform, curved arm aerial work platform, scissor aerial work platform and mast type aerial work platform. It is used by BIM users to provide a full range of digital simulation solutions for high-altitude builders, and also lays a solid practical foundation for construction.

Advantages of the JLG BIM-compatible product library

For designers and building contractors: The JLG BIM Aerial Work Platform Compatible Product Library can help them to predict the various situations and challenges that may arise during high-altitude construction operations before the project starts, effectively controlling the potential risks.

For leasing companies: It can help them quickly identify the aerial work platforms that are suitable for the project needs at the beginning of the project, and prepare the corresponding stocking and transportation plans in advance to effectively improve work efficiency.

Mr. Guru Bandekar, Vice President of Product Management and Development of JLG, said: “BIM is changing the traditional information isolation between engineering design, engineering and construction, improving the integration of building information and strengthening various professions. Communicate and work together to help improve the team's planning, design, construction and management of buildings more efficiently throughout the building's life cycle.

As the industry leader, JLG is always at the forefront of innovation. In the near future, all of JLG's product model data will be fully online, including those that meet regional standards, such as ANSI and CE standards. Currently available in our compatible product library are two ISO 3D BIM file formats.rfa and .ifc. ”

JLG continues to lead the trend of technology

The future of the aerial work industry is inextricably linked to technological innovation. JLG is closely following the BIM forward-looking innovation platform, and the practice of virtualized simulation of aerial work platform has promoted the application and development of smart site, highlighting the concept of “scientific innovation and leading development” advocated by JLG.

In the future, JLG will continue to lead the trend of technology, keep up with the emerging trends in the world, and guide the industry to drive the development and prosperity of China's aerial work platform market through innovation, to meet the increasing demand for high-altitude equipment in the market, and to work at heights in China. The platform application is extended and extended to every aspect of the construction engineering field. (This article is from JLG)

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