Gothenburg, Sweden, June 20, 2018 – Since June 15th, during the Volvo Ocean Race to stop in Gothenburg, Sweden, the Volvo Group has presented its first fully-automated driving bus to special guests. This groundbreaking solution introduces an automated operating system based on a pure electric city bus that Volvo Buses has already produced. During the regatta, the Volvo Group demonstrated how to improve the safety and comfort of buses with autonomous driving technology and achieve more efficient platform stoppages.
Volvo Bus President Håkan Agnevall said: “The low noise and zero emissions of electric buses is an attractive and sustainable public transport solution. Thanks to the Volvo Group's existing automation technology, we can be in the safety of vehicles. Take advantage of comfort and efficiency and showcase these innovative opportunities for future transportation with the Volvo Ocean Race."
This 12-meter self-driving bus provides passengers with a safer and more comfortable travel experience. When starting and stopping, the acceleration and braking of the vehicle are very smooth and soft; when stopping, the bus can always stop at the same position accurately and keep the same distance from the platform so that the passenger can get off the bus. In addition, the bus is equipped with a variety of sensors to continuously monitor the surrounding environment of the vehicle. The information collected by the sensor helps the vehicle to achieve precise navigation, and can identify the target approaching the vehicle in the future, so as to adjust the speed or stop accordingly to avoid accidents. In addition to smooth and efficient operation, this pure electric self-driving bus has the advantages of being environmentally friendly and saving energy.
“Automatic driving technology enables more efficient vehicle management when the bus is not performing tasks. For example, the station staff can concentrate on vehicle maintenance and maintenance without having to spend time charging the battery and driving the vehicle to the car wash. And parking. In the future, all of this work will be done automatically by the bus.” Håkan Agnevall explained.
This self-driving bus will also be used for research and testing of bus queues, where multiple buses are connected end-to-end to drive automatically on urban roads in a queue.
“VOLVO is a bus-based mass transit system, the pioneer of the BRT. Now we have taken another step to achieve a wireless interconnection of bus and bus lines with autonomous driving technology and a high degree of assurance. Flexibility.” Håkan Agnevall further said: “In the future urban public transport, this motorized autonomous bus system provides an attractive alternative to current rail solutions.”
In the next two years, this self-driving bus will also be used for two traffic research projects – the Autonomous City Buses project initiated by FFI and the KRABAT project. FFI is the Strategic Vehicle Research and Innovation Programme for the transportation industry in cooperation with the Swedish government; KRABAT is called “Next Generation Travel and Transportation” and is part of the Swedish government joint program, which is inspired by Sweden. The Bureau (Vinnova) is partially funded by the Drive Sweden project.
Earlier this year, Volvo Buses also launched a collaborative study of pure electric self-driving buses with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore. Previously, the Volvo Group also demonstrated self-driving trucks for mining and garbage removal.
The first-ever pure electric self-driving bus was also part of the Swedish “ElectriCity” project. The project was jointly initiated by research institutes, the transportation industry and Gothenburg to develop, test and evaluate new solutions for the next generation of sustainable urban transport.

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