The preservation of seeds under natural conditions is often disturbed by the external environment. The preservation time is very short and the seed quality is also rapidly declining. However, the use of professional conservation facilities such as the forest germplasm resource bank to preserve the forest seed can allow the forest seed to renew Live for hundreds of years, and there will be no obvious change in quality. After the library is released, it can still be used. At present, the forest germplasm resource bank has been widely applied to important work such as collection, conservation and utilization of forest germplasm resources.

Forest germplasm resource bank

Affected by the environmental climate change, many excellent wild forest germplasms in nature have not been used by people and they have already lost their living space and are gradually disappearing. In order to retain them for subsequent use, we must create conditions for the long-term preservation of these forest seeds and provide them with a "Noah's Ark". Through the establishment of forest germplasm resource pools, more and more forest germplasm resources have begun to be collected and preserved, providing important genetic materials for subsequent scientific research and cultivation.

Forest germplasm resources are a valuable asset for human beings. It is of great significance to improve varieties and cultivate new varieties with high yield, good quality, and strong resistance. If we do not do a good job of protection at this stage and allow it to disappear, it will seriously affect the biological diversity and shake the survival and development of mankind. Therefore, the use of forest germplasm resource pools to store forest germplasm for a long period of time has enabled the seed germplasm to retain its original genetic characteristics and high germination rate for decades or even hundreds of years, which is not only continuation of the lives of these forest tree seeds. Let the seeds of forest trees be “live” for hundreds of years, and it is also an important work for the benefit of future generations.

At present, with the continuous strengthening of the protection of forest germplasm resources, the number of germplasm resource pools is also increasing. Different types of forest germplasm resource banks have been established in various places. This type of library, which uses science and technology to preserve forest germplasm resources, is also indispensable in its practical work. It has assumed the responsibility of long-term preservation of living germplasm resources and has played a strategic role in forest species conservation.

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